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An Introduction to Socially Responsible Investing
Monday, April 24, 2017, 06:30pm

Many investors, in their everyday guise and lives, consider themselves to be thoughtful, principle driven and civically engaged individuals who often consider their social and environmental impact to be important aspects of their lives. When possible, they engage in all fashion of socially conscious behavior, such as energy and resource conservation, the patronization of local business, and volunteering time to the community. Some individuals go further, by actively avoiding interacting or doing business with entities which they consider to run against their principals. In many cases, “voting with one’s wallet” is a civic virtue in and of itself, meant to punish those businesses which violate social norms and reward those which do not.

Join Chris Georgandellis, CFA, founder of Tree Town Investments, LLC, as he discusses how investors who are used to living their lives per a set of personal views or beliefs understand that they don’t need to check those values at the door of the stock market. This presentation aims to aid investors in understanding that they have more of a choice – and more of a voice – than they realize when it comes to their nest egg. In the end, they can ensure that their money does more than just “well” …they can work to make sure that it does good.

This Program is Part of Money Smart Week. Register at the Adult Reference Desk or call 734-426-4477.