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Ballooning, Blimps and the Great Airships
Wednesday, May 03, 2017, 06:30pm

This lecture and visual presentation covers three types of aircraft used in man’s early effort to maintain flight. This presentation begins with the 1783 French balloonists and continue on with the Civil War ballooning program and the Aeronautical Division of the Union Army. The history of blimps and rigid airships, here in America, begins in the early 1900’s. Hear about the early Army and Navy blimps of WWI and WWII, plus the 1920’s classic Gordon Bennet Balloon races and the WJR Radio balloon of that era. The rigid airship segment shows the making of the 3 great airships, the crews at work and the interiors of these giant 850 foot dirigibles. Henry Ford also had an interest in this aviation phenomenon. Several years of research and a collection of over 600 photos plus many hours of historic movie footage makes this an outstanding presentation.

Join Al & David Eicher for this Lecture & Visual Presentation of the history of ballooning, blimps and the great airships. Families are welcome and encouraged to come. Register at the Adult Reference Desk or call 734-426-4477.

This program is one of several programs that will be offered this year from, April to November, to mark the 100th Anniversary of America’s contribution & sacrifice in WWI. Please watch for these programs on the library’s website and in future newsletters.