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Harry & Bess Truman: An Interactive Presentation
Thursday, November 02, 2017, 06:30pm
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Harry S Truman was President during very trying times in our country’s history. He was thrown into the position when FDR died suddenly. Truman then had to end World War II in Europe and deal with Joseph Stalin to stabilize Europe for future peace. He had to end the war with Japan and made the difficult decision to accomplish this quickly by dropping the Atomic Bomb. He then turned his efforts to aid South Korea against the invasion by the North Korean Communists.

Truman loved being the Senator from Missouri, and never really wanted to be Vice President or President. Not as charismatic as his predecessor FDR or as well-known as his successor Dwight Eisenhower, history has proven him one of our most effective presidents. His decisions are credited with avoiding another world war.

Bess Truman supported her husband throughout his career and was listed as one of the most admired women of her time. She quietly influenced key legislation and promoted cultural contributions. 

Go back to 1952 and interact with these two historic figures in this one-hour presentation with seasoned actors portraying Harry and Bess. Learn about their rise in politics, their daughter Margaret and their strong love for each other. The presentation is authentic and presented with a keen sense of humor. It is presented by Doré Productions of Northville.

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Location Dexter District Library - Lower Level