Larry Martin's WWII In Their Own Words



Seaman Dick Broderick, USN

Seaman Dick Broderick, USN, was aboard the USS Iowa en route to the Tehran Conference with Pres. Roosevelt, to meet Stalin and Churchill.  Also on board were Secretary of the State Cordell Hull, General of the Army George C. Marshall, Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King, General Douglas MacArthur, Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, Admiral and Fleet Admiral William F. Halsey and General Hap Arnold, Head of the Army Air Corps.  Dick also the opportunity to speak with Army Chief of Staff George C. Marshall.

When a torpedo was accidentally fired at the ship, by an American destroyer, the William D. Porter, it was thought to be an assassination attempt. The entire crew of the William D. Porter was arrested. Join us for this taped interview with Dick Broderick as he retells about the accident that could have cost us the war.There will be a Q & A with Larry Martin following the taped interview and some war memorabilia will be on display. Families are welcome, but parental discretion is advised.


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