Fall Movies for Adults at the Library

We’ve just had our lower level technology renovated – come and watch movies with us on our ultrabright 4K projector!

MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival 2023
Friday, September 29 at 6:00 pm
Tuesday, October 3 at 6:00 pm
Sunday, October 8  at 2:00 pm
Join us on either September 29, October 3 or October 8, 2023, when over 100,000 film lovers in over 250 cities across six continents gather in Cinemas, Museums, Libraries and Universities for one purpose…to view and vote on the Finalists’ Films in the 26th Annual MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival.

Linoleum (2022) Friday, 10/13/2023 Time: 6:00 pm

Starring:  Jim Gaffigan, Rhea Seehorn and Gabriel Rush
Cameron Edwin is the host of a failing children’s science TV show, called “Above & Beyond.” Cameron has always had aspirations of being an astronaut and when a space-race era satellite falls into his backyard, his midlife crisis manifests itself into a plan to rebuild the machine into his dream rocket.
Rated:  PG, 101 minutes

Death Defying Acts (2007) Friday, 10/20/2023 Time: 1:00 pm

Starring: Guy Pearce, Catherine Zeta- Jones, Saoirse Ronan and Timothy Spall
Upon arriving in Edinburgh, Scotland for a series of mind-boggling performances, master illusionist Harry Houdini offers an impressive cash reward to any supposed psychic who can accurately tell him his late mother’s exact last words. Swindler, Mary McGarvie, rises to the challenge and engages Houdini in a dangerous flirtation that will blur the line between reality and paranoia — and test the very limits of his skepticism.
Rated: PG, 100 minutes

Brian & Charles (2022) Friday, 11/10/2023
Starring:  David Earl, Chris Hayward and Louise Brealey
Brian is a lonely inventor in rural Wales who spends his days building quirky, unconventional contraptions that seldom work. Undeterred by his lack of success, he soon attempts his biggest project yet. Using a washing machine and various spare parts, he invents Charles, an artificial intelligence robot that learns English from a dictionary and has an obsession with cabbages.
Rated: PG, 90 minutes

McFarland, USA (2015) Friday, 11/17/2023 Time: 1:00 pm

Starring: Kevin Costner, Carlos Chalabi and Ramiro Rodriguez
Track coach Jim White is a newcomer to a predominantly Latino high-school in California’s Central Valley. Coach White and his new students find that they have much to learn about one another, but things begin to change when White realizes the boys’ exceptional running ability. More than just physical prowess drives the teens to succeed; their strong family ties, incredible work ethic and commitment to their team all play a factor in forging these novice runners into champions.
Rated: PG, 129  minutes

Genius (2016) Friday, 12/08/2023 Time: 6:00 pm

Starring: Jude Law, Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman One day in 1929, a wildly developing book manuscript lands on the table of renowned editor Maxwell Perkins’ desk. He realizes that Thomas Wolfe, the author behind the script, is a dazzling talent and develops a close friendship with him.
Rated: PG-13, 103 minutes

Daddy’s Home 2 (2017) Friday, 12/15/2023 Time: 1:00 pm
Starring: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson and John Lithgow
Father and stepfather Dusty and Brad join forces to make Christmastime perfect for the children. Their newfound partnership soon gets put to the test when Dusty’s old-school, macho dad and Brad’s gentle father arrive to turn the holiday upside down.
Rated: PG-13, 98 minutes