2020 Summer Reading Challenge Wrap-Up Event

Our Summer Reading Challenge Wrap Up Program is Saturday, August 15 at 11:00 am for all ages.  Come and join Professor Snoopenheimer, professional snooper outer of mysterious stuff as he snoops out mythological fantasy beings. He snoops for “Goof Fairy Floyd” a very goofy juggler, “Eddie Elf” who plays music on his elf harp and also “Mr Biggenosen” a troll much brighter than other trolls and who knowsens a lot because he reads. This live theater performance is way fun with a message of helping to make the world a better place. Come and meet …”Fairies, Trolls and Elves! Oh My!”  This presentation will be via Zoom for all ages, registration is required at https://dexter.lib.mi.us/events/fairies-trolls-and-elves-oh-my/

The Summer Reading Challenge will end on August 15.  Any teen, tween or child who has completed half their reading and activity badges will receive a prize reward.  Anyone who has completed the program will be entered into our final prize drawing.  Everyone is encouraged to continue reading and earning badges until the end of the program.