How to get a Library Card

Please contact Mary Graulich, Circulation Supervisor, for any Library Circulation questions via e-mail at

Anyone who lives in the Library District is entitled and encouraged to receive a borrowing card. The Library District mirrors the service area of the Dexter Community Schools. This includes the City of Dexter and portions of Dexter, Freedom, Hamburg, Lima, Lodi, Northfield, Scio and Webster townships.

Anyone who lives outside of the Library District is eligible to obtain a library card for an annual fee.

Children’s Cards:
Any child under the age of 16 in the Library District may register for his/her own card when the parent or guardian signs the registration form and assumes financial responsibility. Children 16 years old or older may register without a parent or guardian’s signature, providing the child can provide the appropriate proof of identification and residency.

Special Borrowers Cards are defined as:

  • persons owning property within the district and living outside the district or renters residing within the district. A waiver of the non-resident fee may be obtained and a card issued to people in this category. Proof of ownership or occupancy must be shown and recorded on the registration form.
  • persons who work for a business or other tax paying entity within the Library’s District and living outside the district. A waiver of the non-resident fee may be obtained and a card issued to people in this category. Proof of employment in the form of a letter from the employer, on official letterhead, must be shown and recorded on the registration form.
  • any administrator, educator, other government employee or employee of a non-profit organization residing outside the district but employed by an entity within the district. Proof of current address and proof of employment and position must be presented at the time of registration. Proof of employment in the form of a letter from the employer, on official letterhead, must be shown and recorded on the registration form.

Registering in the Library:
To receive a library card, applicants must complete a registration form and present proof of current residence. Any of the following forms of identification will be accepted as proof of residency:

  • valid driver’s license
  • car registration
  • current telephone or utility bill
  • lease agreement
  • property deed
  • current tax receipt
  • checkbook with name and address imprint
  • State of Michigan identification card
  • State of Michigan voter registration

Please report all U.S. postal address, e-mail address, name, and phone number changes to the Library. This will help us contact you about your materials and holds.
Using Your Card:

  • When you come to the Library, you must have your card to borrow books.
  • If you send a friend or family member to pick up your materials, they must have your library card. That is how we know they have your permission to have your materials.
  • Library cards issued to the Library District residents are valid for three years.
  • Library cards issued to special borrowers are valid for one year.

Library Board

Board members are appointed by the local municipalities that founded the Library district. These include Dexter, Scio and Webster Townships, Dexter Community Schools and the City of Dexter. Community members interested in serving on the Library Board should contact the municipality in which they live. Residents of Freedom, Hamburg, Lima, Lodi and Northfield Townships should apply to the Dexter Community Schools. Board members are appointed to four year terms.

2020 – 2021 Board of Trustees

Shelly Vrsek, President
Sherry Simpson, Vice President
Pat Cousins, Treasurer
Barbara Davenport, Secretary
Cassy Korinek
Jim LaVoie
Donna Palmer
Rosemary Quigley

2020 – 2021 Board of Trustees Meeting Dates

The Board meets the first Monday of every month.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting have been held virtually.  Please refer to the Library’s Events Calendar for the meeting credentials.  The meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and the public is welcome to attend.

Click for a copy of the 2020-2021 Budget

2021 to January, 2022

*January 4
*February 1
*March 1
*March 29 (April meeting)
May 3
June 7
July 5
August 2
**Sept Meeting – Monday, August 30
October 4
November 1
December 6
January 3, 2022

* Due to Covid-19 outbreak, these Library Board meetings are being held online with remote attendance via Zoom

May through December meeting venue is TBD depending on extension of variances to the Open Meetings Act and MDHHS social distancing requirements.
**September 2021 meeting moved to the last Monday in August due to Labor Day holidays.

All meetings are open to the public.

Board Committees


Pat Cousins, Barbara Davenport, Donna Palmer, Paul McCann


Pat Cousins, Jim LaVoie, Rosemary Quigley, Paul McCann, Nick Hutchcraft


Sherry Simpson, Cassy Korinek, Shelly Vrsek, Paul McCann

Board Minute Archive

History of the Dexter District Library

In 1869, the Dexter Leader published a notice that a Public Library was being kept in the office of Dr. Miller, Township Clerk.

The Dexter Public Library was formally founded by The Dexter Woman’s Study Club in 1927, first as a shelf of books in a local store and later in 1928 moved into the small building on Central Street that was Dexter’s original post office and now houses the Hotel Hickman Chuckwagon BBQ restaurant.

In 1938, the Village of Dexter took over support of the Library, but the Woman’s Club continued to operate it until 1957, when the village assumed management through an appointed “provisional board.” In that same year, the Friends of the Dexter Public Library was organized.

In 1963, at a meeting of the Friends, Dexter Village president Bruce Waggoner proposed the purchase of a house at 3173 Baker Road as a Library building. The Dexter Provisional Library Board could not buy or sell real property nor borrow money, so it was suggested that because the Library had always served all the residents of the Dexter School District, a Library district covering the same area as the school district be established under the District Library Establishment Act of 1955. The five municipalities that formed the district included the Village of Dexter, Scio, Webster, and Dexter Townships, and the Dexter Community Schools Board of Education. Each municipality appointed members to the new Library Board and each pledged financial support. Later, when the District Library Establishment Act of 1989 was enacted, the Dexter Library made the necessary changes to comply with its requirements.

By the early 1990’s, it became apparent that if the Library was to grow with the community and provide the kind of library service its patrons expected, it would need more support than the municipalities were able to provide. So in 1994, the voters of the school district were asked to approve 1/2 mil support for the Library’s operations, and they did so by a wide margin.
As a result, the Library was able to engage its first professional director, extend its open hours from 26 to 38 per week, add staff, and begin a long-overdue updating and expansion of its collections. The need for more room to accommodate these changes led to the purchase and renovation of the former Methodist Church Education Building at 8040 Fourth Street, and in July, 1996, the Dexter District Library moved into its new home. At the same time, the Library’s open hours were once again extended, this time to 58 per week.

In 2009, the Library opened for business at it’s new location of 3255 Alpine Street.