Open Education Database

Looking for free, college level lectures and courses?  Check out the Open Education Database (OEDB.)  This resource connects learners to thousands of free online courses.  Many of these classes are offered by leaders in the educational community, such as UC Berkeley, MIT, and Yale University.  Learn at your own pace with these free, easily accesible courses.

Consumer Reports

Evaluations of new products and comparisons between products, that are released by the magazine, Consumer Reports. This resource is accessible from home with your Dexter District Library card.  If you have a Library Card that begins with 29082, you will need to get a new card from the Library before you can use this resource from home.  Come to the Library and we will supply you with a new card free of charge.

Consumer Reports is provided through financial support from the Friends of the Dexter District Library.

Dexter Community Information

Video courtesy of Rob Ewing and Ewing Pros, Realtors

Community groups listed below without a Web site do have a phone number for reference.

If you have a community group to suggest for this list, please contact Paul McCann, Director, via e-mail at

Suggestions will be reviewed and added to the list based on appropriateness.