Computer and Internet Access


Computers for Public Use:
The Dexter District Library has 11 public use computer terminals for adults, 4 public use computer terminals for teens, and 4 public use computer terminals for children.  All of these computers have Windows 10 and are loaded with the Microsoft Office 2021 suite; and the adult computers also have Photoshop Elements 18.  Full color printing is available for $0.20 a page.  Black & white printing is $0.10 a page.

General Rules for Internet Use:

  1. Hardware and Software settings may not be changed.
  2. Users will respect all copyright laws.
  3. Users saving files from the Internet to their own disks do so at their own risk. The Library assumes no responsibility for viruses transmitted from the Internet to disks through the use of Library computers.
  4. Any users caught hacking into computer systems or disrupting the functions of other computer systems will have their Internet use privileges revoked.
  5. Users will not use the Library terminals to violate any Federal, state or local laws or to engage in unethical behavior.
  6. Users can be held financially liable for damage to the Library’s equipment and software.