Airplanes and Flying

Alborough, J. Some Dogs Do, 2003
Allard, H. The Stupids Take Off, 1989
Appelt, K. Elephants Aloft, 1993
Barton, B. Planes, 1998
Barton, B. Planes, 2006
Benjamin, C. Tonka:  Working Hard With the Rescue Helicopter, 1997
Bildner, P. The Hallelujah Flight, 2010
Blackstone, S. I Wish I Were a Pilot, 2005
Borden, L. Goodbye, Charles Lindbergh, 1998
Breen, S. Violet the Pilot, 2008
Brimner, L. If Dogs Had Wings, 1996
Brown, L. The Airport Book, 2016
Chapman, N. Doggie Dreams,  2000
Civardi, A. The Complete Book of First Experiences, 2005
Cousins, L. Maisy Goes on a Plane, 2015
Crews, D. Flying, 1986
DeBeer, H. Little Polar Bear and the Big Balloon, 2002
Demarest, C. Plane, 1995
Doman, M. Airplanes, 2012
Drummond, A. The Flyers, 2003
Duble, K. Pilot Mom, 2003
Ford, G. Flying Lessons, 2010
Gordon, D. The Ugly Truckling, 2004
Grey, M. Egg Drop, 2002
Gutman, A. Lisa’s Airplane Trip, 2001
Hill, L. Jets, 2005
Hubbell, P. Airplanes:   Soaring! Turning! Diving!  2008
Hubbell, P. My First Airplane Ride, 2008
Hunter, R. Take Off!  2000
Ichikawa, S. Come Fly With Me, 2008
Jeffers, O. The Way Back Home, 2008
Kinerk, R. Clorinda Takees Flight, 2007
Lenski, L. The Little Airplane, 2003
Lin, G. Olvina Flies, 2003
Lindbergh, R. Nobody Owns the Sky, 1996
London, J. A Plane Goes Ka-Zoom!  2010
Lyon, G. Planes Fly!  2013
Mayhew, J. Miranda the Explorer, 2002
McCarty, P. Moon Plane, 2006
Meadows, M. Pilot Pups, 2008
Milgrim, D. Cows Can’t Fly, 1999
Morison, T. Little Louie Takes Off, 2007
Munsch, R. Angela’s Airplane, 1988
Ormerod, J. Miss Mouse Takes Off, 2001
Paul, A. The Plan, 2015
Priceman, M. Hot Air:  The (Mostly) True Story of the First Hot-Air Balloon Ride, 2005
Riehle, M. A is for Airplane:  An Aviation Alphabet, 2009
Rockwell, A. I Fly, 1997
Rohmann, E. My Friend Rabbit, 2002
Ryan, P. Amelia and Eleanor Go for a Ride, 1999
Siegal, R. Grandma’s Smile, 2010
Stephas, K. Flying Solo, 2005
Stille, D. Airplanes, 2002
Strom, K. Sadie the Air Mail Pilot, 2007
Symes, R. The Sheep Fairy:  When Wishes Have Wings, 2003
Tarplay, N. Joe-Joe’s First Flight, 2003
VanLeeuwen, J. The Amazing Air Balloon, 2003
VanLieschout, M. Flight 1-2-3, 2013
Wells, R. Yoko Finds Her Way, 2014
Wiesner, D. Tuesday, 1999
Williams, T. Air Show!  2010
Yolan, J. My Brothers’ Flying Machine:  Wilbur, Orville and Me, 2003
Zuehlke, J. Helicopters, 2005
Additional Children’s Books about Airplanes can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 620’s)

African Americans

Allen, D. Dancing in the Wings, 2000
Altman, L. Singing With Momma Lou, 2002
Aston, D. The Moon Over Star, 2008
Barber, B. Allie’s Basketball Dream, 1996
Barber, T. By My Brother’s Side, 2004
Barber, T. Game Day, 2005
Barber, T. Teammates, 2006
Barrow, D. Have You Seen Elephant?  2016
Beaty, A. Ada Twist, Scientist, 2016
Beaty, D. Knock Knock:  My Dad’s Dream for Me, 2013
Belton, S. Beauty, Her Basket, 2004
Bildner, P. The Hallelujah Flight, 2010
Birtha, B. Lucky Beans, 2010
Blue, R. Ron’s Big Mission, 2009
Boelts, M. Happy Like Soccer, 2012
Boelts, M. Those Shoes, 2007
Boswell, A. The Rain Stomper, 2008
Brown, T. Around Our Way on Neighbors’ Day, 2010
Bryan, A. Let it Shine:  Three Favorite Spirituals, 2007
Burleigh, R. Stealing Home:  Jackie Robinson Against the Odds, 2007
Busch, M. Lion, Lion, 2014
Carbone, E. Night Running: How James Escaped With the Help of His Faithful Dog, 2008
Chaconas, D. Virginnie’s Hat, 2007
Child, L. The New Small Person, 2014
Chocolate, D. The Piano Man, 1998
Cline-Ransome, L. Major Taylor Champion Cyclist, 2004
Cohen, M. My Big Brother, 2004
Cole, H. Unspoken, 2012
Collier, B. Uptown, 2000
Cooke, T. Full Full Full of Love, 2003
Cooper, F. Max and the Tag-Along Moon, 2012
Cooper, F. Juneteenth, 2015
Copeland, M. Firebird, 2014
Coy, J. Two Old Potatoes, 2003
Crews, D. Shortcut, 1992
Cumming, P. Angel Baby, 2000
Cummins, J. Country Kid, City Kid, 2002
Daly, N. Where’s Jamela?  2004
Daly, N. Happy Birthday Jamela!  2006
Daly, N. A Song for Jamela, 2009
Deans, K. Swing Sisters:  The Story of the International Sweethearts of Rhythm, 2015
delaPena, M. Last Stop on Market Street, 2014
Dempsey, K. A Dance Like Starlight, 2014
Diakite, B. The Magic Gourd, 2003
Diakite, P. I Lost My Tooth in Africa, 2006
Diggs, T. Chocolate Me!  2011
Dillon, L. Rap A Tap Tap, 2002
Disney The Princess and the Frog, 2009
Duncan, A. Miss Viola and Uncle Ed Lee, 1999
Dungy, T. You Can Do It!  2008
Durango, J. Angels Watching Over Me, 2007
Ehrhardt, K. This Jazz Man, 2006
Elliot, Z. Melena’s Jubilee, 2016
English, K. Hot Day on Abbott Avenue, 2004
Evans, K. What’s Special About Me, Mama?  2011
Evans, S. We March, 2012
Falwell, C. David’s Drawings, 2001
Falwell, C. Rainbow Stew, 2013
Farris, C. March On!  The Day My Brother Martin Changed the World, 2008
Flournoy, V. The Patchwork Quilt, 1985
Foreman, G. Let George Do It, 2005
Forman, R. Young Cornrows Callin Out the Moon, 2007
Frame, J. Yesterday I Had the Blues, 2003
Fraustino, L. The Hickory Chair, 2000
Gourley, R. Bring Me Some Apples and I’ll Make You a Pie, 2009
Graham, B. Oscar’s Half Birthday, 2005
Greenfield, M. Waiting for Christmas, 1996
Grifalconi, A. Ain’t Nobody a Stranger to Me, 2007
Grigsby, S. In the Garden with Dr. Carver, 2010
Grimes, N. Talkin’ About Bessie, 2002
Grimes, N. When Gorilla Goes Walking, 2007
Grimes, N. Precious, 2006
Grimes, N. Barack Obama:  Son of Promise, Child of Hope, 2008
Harrington, J. The Chicken-Chasing Queen of Lamar County, 2007
Harris, R. I’m All Dressed!  2005
Hegamin, T. Most Love in All the World, 2009
Herron, C. Nappy Hair, 1997
Hesse, K. Come On Rain, 1999
Hest, A. Jamaica Lousie James, 1996
Hest, A. Mr. George Baker, 2004
Hoffman, M. Color of Home, 2002
Hoffman, M. Amazing Grace, 1991
Hooks, B. Happy to Be Nappy, 1999
Hooks, B. Homemade Love, 2002
Hooks, B. Be Boy Buzz, 2002
Hooks, B. Skin Again, 2004
Hopkinson, D. Keep On!  The Story of Matthew Henson, 2009
Hopkinson, D. First Family, 2010
Hopkinson, D. Steamboat School, 2016
Howard, E. Lulu’s Birthday, 2001
Howard, E. When Will Sarah Come? 1999
Howard, E. Virgie Goes to School With Us Boys, 2000
Hudson, C. Bright Eyes, Brown Skin, 1990
Hudson, C. My Friend Maya Loves to Dance, 2009
Hughes, L. My People, 2009
Hutchins, P. My Best Friend, 1993
Isadora, R. Yo, Jo!  2007
Isadora, R. Peekaboo Bedtime, 2008
Isadora, R. Uh-oh!  2008
Jabar, C. Wow!  It Sure is Good to be You!  2006
Jackson, E. Earth Mother, 2005
Jackson, R. In Pain Sight, 2016
James, S. Leon and Bob, 1997
Johnson, A. I Dream of Trains, 2003
Johnson, A. Lily Brown’s Paintings, 2007
Johnson, A. Lottie Paris Lives Here, 2011
Johnson, T. The Wagon, 1996
Joosse, B. Hot City, 2004
Jordan, D. Dream Big:  Michael Jordan and the Pursuit of Olympic Gold, 2012
Juster, N. The Hello, Goodbye Window, 2005
Keats, E. A Letter to Amy, 1998
Keats, E. Goggles!  1969
Keats, E. Hi Cat, 1999
Keats, E. Louie, 1975
Keats, E. Pet Show! 1972
Keats, E. Peter’s Chair, 1998
Keats, E. The Snowy Day, 1962
Keats, E. Whistle For Willie, 1964
Kirk, D. Keisha Ann Can!  2008
Latifah, Q. Queen of the Scene, 2006
Lawrence, J. Harriet and the Promised Land, 1968
Lee, S. Please, Baby, Please, 2002
Lee, S. Please, Puppy, Please!  2005
Leonetti, M. Swinging for the Fences:  Hank Aaron and Me, 2008
Lester, J. John Henry, 1994
Levine, E. Henry’s Freedom Box:  A True Story From the Underground Railroad, 2007
Levy, D. We Shall Overcome:  The Story of a Song, 2013
Lindbergh, R. Nobody Owns the Sky, 1996
Lorbiecki, M. Jackie’s Bat, 2006
Ludwig, T. Better Than You, 2011
Luthardt, K. Flying!  2009
Lyons, K. Ellen’s Broom, 2012
Magruder, N. How To Find a Fox, 2016
Malaspina, A. Finding Lincoln, 2009
Marsalis, W. Squeak, Rumble, Whomp! Whomp! Whomp!  2012
Mason, M. These Hands, 2010
McAnulty, S. Exellent Ed, 2016
McClendon, Q. Suit Shoes, 2006
McCormick, W. Daddy Will You Miss Me?  1999
McCully, E. Wonder Horse:  The True Story of the World’s Smartest Horse, 2010
McGowan, M. Sunday is for God, 2010
McKissack, P. Goin’ Someplace Special, 2001
McKissack, P. Precious and the Boo Hag, 2005
McKissack, P. A Million Fish…More or Less, 1992
McQuinn, A. Lola Loves Stories, 2010
McQuinn, A. Lola Reads to Leo, 2012
McQuinn, A. Lola Plants a Garden, 2014
McQuinn, A. Lola Gets a Cat, 2017
Medearis, A. Poppa’s Itchy Christmas, 1998
Meyer, S. New Shoes, 2015
Miller, W. The Piano, 2000
Miller, W. Richard Wright and the Library Card, 1997
Mitchell, M. Uncle Jed’s Barbershop, 1993
Mitchell, M. When Grandmama Sings, 2012
Morales, Y. Little Night, 2007
Morrison, T. The Big Box, 1999
Morrison, T. Peeny Butter Fudge, 2009
Moser, L. Watermelon Wishes, 2006
Murray, D. City Shapes, 2016
Myers, C. Fly, 2001
Myers, W. Angel to Angel, 1998
Myers, W. Looking Like Me, 2009
Nelson, K. He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands, 2005
Nelson, V. Almost to Freedom, 2003
Newton, V. Let Freedom Sing, 2009
Nolen, J. Pitching in for Eubie, 2007
Ogburn, J. The Bake Shop Ghost, 2005
Orgill, R. Skit-Sct Raggedy Cat:  Ella Fitzgerald, 2010
Paparone, P. Who Built the Ark?  1994
Partridge, E. Big Cat Pepper, 2009
Paul, C. Long Shot:  Never Too Small To Dream Big, 2009
Peete, H. My Brother Charlie, 2010
Pinkney, A. Fishing Day, 2003
Pinkney, A. Martin & Mahalia:  His Words, Her Song, 2013
Polacco, P. John Philip Duck, 2004
Polacco, P. Chicken Sunday, 2002
Polacco, P. Pink and Say, 1994
Polacco, P. Mrs. Katz and Tush, 1992
Ramsey, C. Ruth and the Green Book, 2010
Ramsey, C. Belle, the Last Mule at Gee’s Bend, 2011
Raschka, C. Ring!  Yo?, 2000
Raschka, C. Yo!  Yes?  1993
Raven, M. Circle Unbroken, 2004
Raven, M. Night Boat to Freedom, 2006
Rawlings, M. The Secret River, 2011
Ringgold, F. Bonjour, Lonnie, 1996
Ringgold, F. Tar Beach, 1991
Ringgold, F. The Invisible Princess, 1999
Ringgold, F. Cassie’s Word Quilt, 2002
Robbins, J. The New Girl… 2006
Robinson, S. Testing the Ice:  A True Story About Jackie Robinson, 2009
Rodman, M. My Best Friend, 2005
Rylant, C. We Love You, Rosie!  2017
Sanders, N. D is for Drinking Gourd:  An African American Alphabet, 2007
Schofield-Morrison, C. I Got the Rhythm, 2014
Scillian, D. Pappy’s Handkerchief, 2007
Seskin, S. A Chance to Shine, 2006
Shange, N. Ellington Was Not a Street, 2004
Siegelson, D. Dancing the Ring Shout!  2003
Slate, J. I Want to be Free, 2009
Smalls-Hector, I. A Strawbeater’s Thanksgiving, 1998
Smith, A. Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion, 2016
Smith, C. Black Jack:  The Ballad of Jack Johnson, 2010
Smith, D. A Wild Cowboy, 2004
Staake, B. The First Pup:  The Real Story of How Bo Got to the White House, 2010
Stauffacher, S. Nothing But Trouble:  The Story of Althea Gibson, 2007
Stephens, H. What About Me?, 1999
Steptoe, J. Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughter, 1987
Stevens, J. Tops & Bottoms, 1995
Stuchner, J. Josephine’s Dream, 2008
Swanson, M. Everywhere, Wonder, 2017
Tarpley, N. Bippity Bop Barbershop, 2002
Tarpley, N. I Love My Hair!  1998
Tarpley, N. Joe-Joe’s First Flight, 2003
Taulbert, C. Little Cliff’s First Day of School, 2001
Thomas, J. I Have Heard of a Land, 1997
Thomas, J. Crowning Glory, 2002
Thomas, J. The Gospel Cinderella, 2004
Thompson, S. What Athletes Are Made Of, 2006
Tinkham, K. Hair for Mama, 2007
Tokunbo, D. The Sound of Kwanzaa, 2009
Uhlberg, M. A Storm Called Katrina, 2011
Van Allsburg, C. Probuditi!  2006
Wahl, J. Candy Shop, 2004
Walker, A. There is a Flower at the Tip of My Nose Smelling Me, 2006
Walker, S. Freedom Song!  The Story of Henry “Box” Brown, 2012
Watson, R. A Place Where Hurricanes Happen, 2010
Weatherford, C. Moses:  When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom, 2006
Weinstein, M. When Louis Armstrong Taught Me Scat, 2008
Wheeler, L. Jazz Baby, 2007
Williams, K. A Beach Tail, 2010
Williams, S. Working Cotton, 1992
Winter, J. My Baby, 2001
Winter, J. Dizzy, 2007
Winthrop, E. Squashed in the Middle, 2005
Woodson, J. Visiting Day, 2002
Woodson, J. Coming On Home Soon, 2004
Woodson, J. Show Way, 2005
Woodson, J. Sweet, Sweet Memory, 2000
Woodson, J. Pecan Pie Baby, 2010
Woodson, J. Each Kindness, 2012
Wyeth, S. Always My Dad, 1995
Zolotow, C. The Old Dog, 1972
Juvenile African American Biographies can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 790’s and J 920)


Aardema, V. Anansi Does the Impossible:  An Ashanti Tale, 1997
Aardema, V. Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain:  A Nandi Tale, 1983
Aardema, V. Why Mosquitos Buzz in People’s Ears:  A West African Tale, 1975
Alalou, E. The Butter Man, 2008
Appelt, K. Elephants Aloft, 1993
Atinuke Anna Hibiscus’ Song, 2011
Baker, J. Mirror, 2010
Base, G. Jungle Drums, 2004
Beard, A. The Jungle Grapevine, 2009
Beard, A. Crocodile’s Tears, 2011
Berkes, M. Over in the Grasslands:  On an African Savanna, 2016
Brett, J. Honey Honey – Lion!  A Story of Africa, 2005
Brett, J. The 3 Little Dassies, 2010
Broach, E. Gumption!  2010
Bulion, L. Fatuma’s New Cloth, 2002
Climo, S. The Egyptian Cinderella, 1989
Colon, R. Draw!  2014
Crews, D. Bigmama’s, 1991
Cunnane, K. Chirchir is Singing, 2011
Daly, N. Happy Birthday, Jamela!  2006
Daly, N. Where’s Jamela?  2004
Daly, N. Jamela’s Dress, 1999
Daly, N. Pretty Salma:  A Little Red Riding Hood Story from Africa, 2007
Daly, N. Welcome to Zanzibar Road, 2006
Daly, N. The Herd Boy, 2012
Deedy, C. 14 Cows for America, 2009
Diakite, P. I Lost My Tooth in Africa, 2006
Feelings, M. Jambo Means Hello:  Swahili Alphabet Book, 1981
Feldman, T. Milia’s Big Day, 2006
Feldman, T. Katya’s Busy Morning, 2006
Feldman, T. Dedan Saves the Day, 2006
Fullerton, A. Community Soup, 2013
Grobler, P. The Magic Bojabi Tree, 2013
Heap, S. Danny’s Drawing Book, 2008
Ichikawa, S. The First Bear in Africa!  2001
Ichikawa, S. My Father’s Shop, 2006
Isadora, R. The Fisherman and His Wife, 2008
Isadora, R. The Princess and the Pea, 2007
Isadora, R. Rapunzel, 2008
Isadora, R. Hansel and Gretel, 2009
Isadora, R. The Twelve Dancing Princesses, 2007
Isadora, R. There Was a Tree, 2012
Isadora, R. Old Mikamba Had a Farm, 2013
Isadora, R. I Just Want to Say Good Night, 2017
Johnson, J. Seeds of Change, 2010
Joose, B. Papa Do You Love Me?  2004
Joyce, W. Dinosaur Bob and His Adventures With the Family Lazardo, 1988
Kessler, C. Jubela, 2001
Kimmel, E. Anansi and the Talking Melon, 1994
Kurtz, J. Water Hole Waiting, 2002
Landstrom, L. A Hippo’s Tale, 2007
Lewin, T. Look!  2013
London, J. What the Animals Were Waiting For, 2002
MacDonald, M. Give Up, Gecko!  A Folktale From Uganda, 2013
MacLachlan, P. Your Moon, My Moon, 2011
MacLachlan, P. Lala Salama:  A Tanzanian Lullaby, 2011
Marino, G. Meet Me at the Moon, 2012
McCormick, W. Daddy, Will You Miss Me?  1999
McDeermott, G. Zomo the Rabbit:  A Trickster Tale From West Africa, 1997
McGrory, A. Quick, Slow, Mango!  2011
Milway, K. One Hen, 2008
Min, S. The Drummer Boy, 2015
Musgorve, M. Ashanti to Zulu:  African Traditions, 1976
Napoli, D. Mama Miti, 2010
Neuschwander, C. Mummy Math, 2005
Richardson, J. Christian, the Hugging Lion, 2010
Rickards, L. Pink!  2009
Rockliff, M. My Heart Will Not Sit Down, 2012
Roth, S. The Mangrove Tree:  Planting Trees to Feed Families, 2011
Schaefer, C. Cool Time Song, 2005
Seed, J. Ntombi’s Song, 1989
St. George, J. Zarafa:  The Giraffe Who Walk to the King, 2009
Steig, W. Doctor DeSoto Goes to Africa, 1992
Steptoe, J. Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters:  An African Tale, 1987
Stojic, M. Rain, 2000
Tokunbo, D. The Sound of Kwanzaa, 2009
Tutu, D. Desmond and the Very Mean Word, 2013
VanLaan, N. Little Fish Lost, 1998
Wallace, J. Big and Noisy Simon, 2002
Whelan, G. Yatandou, 2007
Winter, J. Wangari’s Trees of Peace:  A True Story From Africa, 2008
Additional children’s book about Africa can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 967 – 968)

Aesop’s Fables

Brett, J. Town Mouse, Country Mouse, 1994
Burkert, R. Mouse & Lion, 2011
Carle, E. The Rabbit and the Turtle:  Aesop’s Fables Retold, 2008
Daugherty, J. Andy and the Lion:  A Tale of Kindness Remembered, 1989 – hoopla
Davidson, S. The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse: Based on a Story by Aesop, 2007
Emberley R. The Lion and the Mice, 2011
Forest, H. The Contest Between the Sun and the Wind:  An Aesop’s Fable, 2008
Giovanni, N. The Grasshopper’s Song:  An Aesop’s Fable Revisited, 2008
Jarrie, M. Aesop’s Fables, 2009
Lowry, A. Fox Tales:  Four Fables From Aesop, 2012
MacDonald, M. Bat’s Big Game, 2008
Morrison, T. The Ant or the Grasshopper?  2003
Morrison, T. The Lion or the Mouse?  2003
Murray, A. Hare and Tortoise, 2016
Palatini, M. Lousy Rotten Stinkin’ Grapes, 2009
Pinkney, J. The Lion and the Mouse, 2009 – hoopla
Pinkney, J. The Tortoise & the Hare, 2013
Pinkney, J. Grasshopper & the Ants, 2015
Ruby, M. City Mouse, Country Mouse, 2017
Ward, H. The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, 2012
Watts, B. The Lion and the Mouse, 2000
Additional Aesop’s Fables can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 398.2’s)


Aubrey, A. Flora’s Family:  Understanding Adoption, 2007
Bang, M. Goose, 1996
Bang, M. In My Heart, 2006
Bergren, L. God Found Us You, 2009
Blevins, W. Rice and Beans, 2014
Boelts, M. Before You Were Mine, 2007
Bunting, E. Jin Woo, 2001
Carlson, N. My Family is Forever, 2004
Chen, C. Guji-Guji, 2004
Clark, K. Sweet Moon Baby:  An Adoption Tale, 2010
Cole, J. How I Was Adopted: Samantha’s Story, 1995
Curtis, J. Tell Me Again: About The Night I Was Born, 1996
dePaola, T. A New Barker in the House, 2002
Dyckman, A. Wolfie the Bunny, 2015
Friedman, D. Star of the Week:  A Story of Love, Adoption and Brownies, 2009
Friedrich, M. You’re Not My Real Mother!  2004
Galindo, R. My New Mom & Me, 2016
Gilman, J. Murphy’s Three Homes:  A Story for Children in Foster Care, 2008
Gray, K. Our Twitchy, 2003
Harrington, C. My Adopted Family, 2018
Hartelius, M. The Chicken’s Child, 1975
Heo, Y. Ten Days and Nine Nights, 2009
Jeram, A. All Together Now, 1999
Kerby, J. Little Pink Pup, 2010
Kessler, C. Jubela, 2001
Kirk, D. Little Miss Spider, 1999
Koehler, P. The Day We Met You, 1990
Koh, F. A China Adoption Story: Mommy Why Do We Look Different?  2000
Krishnaswami, U. Bringing Asha Home, 2006
Lambert, M. Real Sisters Pretend, 2016
Larson, K. Two Bobbies, 2008
Leman, K. My Adopted Child, There’s No One Like You, 2007
Lewis, J. First Dog, 2009
Lewis, R. Every Year On Your Birthday, 2007
Lewis, R. I Love You Like Crazy Cakes, 2000
Lewis, R. Orange Peel’s Pocket, 2010
Lin, G. The Red Thread:  An Adoption Fairy Tale, 2007
Ling, N. The Story I’ll Tell, 2015
Little, J. Emma’s Yucky Brother, 2001
Lopez, S. Just Right Family:  An Adoption Story, 2018
Mallery, S. A Most Unusual Day, 2018
Markle, S. Little Lost Bat, 2006
McCully, E. My Real Family, 1994
McDonnell, C. Goyangi Means Cat, 2011
McLaughlin, L. Wonderful You:  An Adoption Story, 2017
McMahon, P. Just Add One Chinese Sister, 2005
Muller, B. Giant Jack, 2002
Oelschlager, V. Made in China:  A Story of Adoption, 2008
Okimoto, J. The White Swan Express, 2002
Parr, T. It’s Okay to be Different, 2001
Parr, T. The Family Book, 2003
Parr, T. We Belong Together:  A Book About Adoption and Families, 2007
Peacock, C. Mommy Far, Mommy Near: An Adoption Story, 2000
Polacco, P. In Our Mothers’ House, 2009
Rankin, J. You’re Somebody Special, Walliwigs!  1999
Regan, D. Monster Baby, 2009
Richardson, J. And Tango Makes Three, 2005
Rosenberg, L. We Wanted You, 2002
Sansone, A. The Little Green Goose, 1999
Sierra, J. Wild About You!  2012
Wishinsky, F. Maggie Can’t Wait, 2009
Xinran Motherbridge of Love, 2007
Young, E. My Mei Mei, 2006
Zisk, M. The Best Single Mom in the World: How I Was Adopted, 2001
Additional Juvenile Books about Adoption can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 362.734)



Agee, J. Z Goes Home, 2003
Alko, S. B is for Brooklyn, 2012
Andreae, G. K is For Kissing a Cool Kangaroo, 2002
Appleford, A. M is for Mitten:  A Michigan Alphabet Book, 1999 – hoopla
Aracil, V. Mr. Bear’s ABC, 2018
Ashman, L. M is for Mischief:  An A to Z of Naughty Children, 2008
Asper-Smith, S. Have You Ever Seen a Smack of Jellyfish?  2010
Aylesworth, J. Little Bitty Mousie, 2007
Baker, K. LMNO Peas, 2010 – hoopla
Baker, K. LMNO Pea-quel, 2017
Barner, B. Walk the Dog, 2000
Base, G. Animalia, 1987
Bauer, P. B is for Battle Cry:  A Civil War Alphabet, 2009
Behrens, J. Let’s Make Letters:  ABC Kids, 2007
Belle, J. Animal Stackers, 2005
Bingham, K. Z is for Moose, 2012
Bottner, B. An Annoying ABC, 2011
Bouder, D. Dogabet, 2007
Bridwell, N. Clifford’s ABC, 1983
Brown, M. Sleepy ABC, 2010
Brown, M. Goodnight Moon ABC, 2010
Browning, K. A is for Axel:  An Ice Skating Alphabet, 2006
Bruel, N. Bad Kitty, 2005
Bruel, N. Poor Puppy, 2010
Brunhoff, L. Babar’s ABC, 2001
Bunting, E. Girls A to Z, 2002
Bunting, E. S if for Shamrock:  An Ireland Alphabet, 2007
Burg, A. E is for Empire:  A New York State Alphabet, 2003
Butler, D. F is for Firefighting, 2007
Caldicott, C. World Food Alphabet, 2012
Campbell, J. G is for Galaxy:  An Ouot of This World Alphabet, 2005
Capucilli, A. Mrs. McTats and Her Houseful of Cats, 2001
Carluccio, M. D Is for Dress-Up, 2016
Catalanotto, P. Matthew ABC, 2002
Cheney, L. America:  A Patriotic Primer, 2002
Cheney, L. A is For Abigail:  An Almanac of Amazing American Women, 2003
Chesworth, M. Alphaboat, 2002
Cleary, B. Peanut Butter and Jellyfishes:  A Very Silly Alphabet, 2006
Cline-Ransome, L. Quilt Alphabet, 2001
Cooper, E. 8 an Animal Alphaet, 2015
Crane, C. P is for Palmetto:  A South Carolina Alphabet, 2002
Crane, C. D is for Dancing Dragon:  A China Alphabet, 2006
Crane, C. S is for Sunshine:  A Florida Alphabet, 2000
Cronin, D. Click, Clack, Quackity-Quack:  An Alphabetical Adventure, 2005
Czekaj, J. A Call for a New Alphabet, 2011
Delessert, E. A Was an Apple Pie, 2005
Demarest, C. Firefighters A to Z, 2000
Demarest, C. Alpha Bravo Charlie:  The Military Alphabet, 2005
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