Animal Sounds

Allen, J. The Little Rabbit Who Like to Say Moo, 2008
Aylesworth, J. Cock-a-doodle-doo, Creak, Pop-pop, Moo, 2012
Beaumont, K. No Sleep for the Sheep!  2011
Boyer, C. Woof, Meow Tweet-Tweet, 2011
Bruss, D. Book!  Book!  Book!  2001
Butler, J. Can You Growl Like a Bear?  2007
Cabrera, J. Rory and the Lion, 1999
Carle, E. The Very Quiet Cricket, 1990
Catchpool, M. Where There’s a Bear, There’s Trouble!  2002
Cronin, D. Click, Clack, Peep!  2015
Czekaj, J. Oink-A-Doodle-Moo, 2012
Davies, J. The Night is Singing, 2006
Davis, K. Who Hoots?  2000
Deedy, C. The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet!  2017
Dodd, E. Meow Said the Cow, 2011
Donaldson, J. What the Ladybug Heard, 2010
Feiffer, J. Bark George, 1999
Fleming, D. Barnyard Banter, 1994
Freeman, C. Hushabye Lily, 2003
Gershator, P. Listen, Listen, 2007
Hill, E. Spot Goes to the Farm, 1987
Hindley, J. Does a Cow Say Moo?  2002
Horacek, P. Look Out, Suzy Goose, 2008
Hort, L. The Seals on the Bus, 2000
Hutchins, P. Ten Red Apples, 2000
Jackson, R. All Ears, All Eyes, 2017
Kerr, J. The Quiet Little Farm, 2000
Krensky, S. Noah’s Bark, 2010
Krilanovich, N. Chicken, Chicken, Duck!  2011
Kutner, M. Down on the Farm, 2004
Kvasnosky, L. Little Wolf’s First Howling, 2017
Macken, J. Baby Says “Moo!” 2011
Martin, B. Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear?  1991
Mayo, M. Roar!  2007
Most, B. The Cow That Went Oink, 1990
Most, B. Cock-a-Doodle-Moo, 1996
Murphy, M. Say Hello Like This!  2014
Palatini, M. Moo Who?  2004
Pearson, T. Bob, 2002
Peet, B. Cock-a-Doodle Dudley, 1990
Polacco, P. Mommies Say Shhh, 2005
Raffi Five Little Ducks, 1989
Schaefer, C. Cool Time Song, 2005
Weiner, M. I Want Your Moo:  A Story for Children About Self-Esteem, 2002
West, J. Have You Got My Purr?  2000
Whybrow, I. The Noisy Way to Bed, 2004
Willems, M. What’s Your Sound Hound the Hound?  2010
Wilson, K. Duddle Puck the Puddle Duck, 2015

Anger and Temper

Agassi, M. Hands Are Not for Hitting (board book), 2006
Agassi, M. Hands Are Not for Hitting, 2000 – available on hoopla
Aliki Feelings, 1984
Bang, M. When Sophie Gets Angry – Really, Really, Angry, 1999
Bland, N. The Very Cranky Bear, 2014
Clarke, J. Trumpet the Little Elephant with a Big Temper, 2006
Collins, P. Come Out, Come Out!  2005
Coplestone, L. Sunshine & Storm, 2001
Curtis, J. Today I Feel Silly & Other Moods That Make My Day, 1998
Desmond, J. Eric the Boy Who Lost His Gravity, 2014
Dewdney, A. Llama Llama Mad at Mama, 2007
Elliott, D. Finn Throws a Fit!  2009
Emberley, E. Glad Monster, Sad Monster:  A Book About Feelings, 1997
Fox, M. Harriet, You’ll Drive Me Wild, 2000
Jonell, L. When Mommy was Mad, 2002
Kaplan, M. Betty Bunny Wants Everything, 2012
Ketteman, H. Armadillo Tattletale, 2000
Latimer, M. Emily’s Tiger, 2008
Mayer, M. I Was So Mad, 1983
Maynard, B. Quiet Wyatt!  1999
Miller, C. Angry Is…2012
Mulcahy, W. Zach Apologizes, 2012
Murphy, S. Percy Gets Upset:  Dealing with Frustration, 2011
Murray, J. Angry, 2017
Palatini, M. Goldie is Mad, 2001
Rex, M. Furious George Goes Bananas, 2010
Roth, C. Hold Your Temper, Tiger, 2017
Sakai, K. Mad at Mommy, 2010
Shields, G. Elephantantrum!  2013
Silver, G. Anh’s Anger, 2009
Simmons, J. Ebb and Flo and the New Friend, 1999
Stadler, A. Lila Bloom, 2004
Urban, L. Mouse was Mad, 2009
Vail, R. Sometimes I’m Bombaloo, 2002
Vail, R. Flabbersmashed About You, 2012
Verdick, E. Calm-Down Time, 2010 (board book) – available on hoopla
Viorst, J. Alexander, Who’s Not (Do You Hear Me? I Mean It!) Going to Move, 1995
Waechter, P. Bravo!  2011
Weiss, E. The Taming of Lola:  A Shrew Story, 2010
Wormell, M. Bernard the Angry Rooster, 2001
Yolen, J. How Do Dinosaurs Say I’m Mad?  2013


Davis, C. For Every Dog, an Angel, 2004
Davis, C. For Every Cat, an Angel, 2004
DePaola, T. Pascual and the Kitchen Angels, 2004
DePaola, T. Angels, Angels Everywhere, 2005
Durango, J. Angels Watching Over Me, 2007
Kleven, E. The Frienship Wish, 2011
Lester, J. What a Truly Cool World, 1999
McGee, M. While Angels Watch, 2006
Pilkey, D. God Bless the Gargoyles, 1996
Ragz, M. Lost Little Angel, 1999
Rylant, C. Cat Heaven, 1997
Rylant, C. Dog Heaven, 1997
Spinelli, E. What Do Angels Wear?  2003
Spinelli, E. City Angel, 2005
Tazewell, C. The Littlest Angel, 1974
Additional books about Angels can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 291.215) and in the Holiday
          Christmas Section


Aboff, M. Uncle Willy’s Tickles:  A Child’s Right to Say NO, 2003
Adler, V. All of Baby Nose to Toes, 2009
Aliki I’m Growing!  1992
Andrews, S. Dancing in My Bones, 2001
Arnold, T. More Parts, 2001
Arnold, T. Even More Parts, 2004
Bang, M. All of Me!  A Book of Thanks, 2009
Barner, B. Dem Bones, 1996
Bauer, M. If You Had a Nose Like an Elephant’s Trunk, 2001
Bauer, M. Thank You For Me!  2010
Bennett, A. The Butt Book, 2010
Berenstain, S. The Birds, the Bees and the Berenstain Bears, 2000
Black, M. Chicken Cheeks, 2009
Blackall, S. The Baby Tree, 2014
Bowie, C. Busy Toes, 1998
Brown, M. Arthur’s Nose, 1976
Caple, K. The Biggest Nose, 1985
Carle, E. From Head to Toe, 1997
Cho, S, The Gas We Pass:  The Story of Farts, 1994
Clements, A. The Handiest Things in the World, 2010
Cole, J. The Magic School Bus:  Inside the Human Body, 1989
Cole, J. When You Were Inside Mommy, 2001
Cowen, L. Nikolai Gogol’s the Nose, 1994
Davick, L. I Love You, Nose!  I Love You, Toes!  2013
DeGezelle, T. Taking Care of My Eyes, 2006
DeGezelle, T. Taking Care of My Hair, 2006
DeGezelle, T. Taking Care of My Teeth, 2006
DeGezelle, T. Taking Care of My Hands and Feet, 2006
DeGezelle, T. Taking Care of My Skin, 2006
Emberly, E. Go Away Big Green Monster, 1992
Gomi, T. Everyone Poops, 1993
Hallidayy, A. Always Lots of Heinies at the Zoo, 2009
Henderson, K. Look at You!  A Baby Body Book, 2006
Hendra, S. Barry the Fish with Fingers, 2010
Hindley, J. Eyes, Nose, Fingers and Toes:  A First Book About You, 1999
Jakob, D. Tiny Toes, 1995
Krauss, R. Goodnight Goodnight Sleepyhead, 2004
Levine, M. Stop That Nose!  2006
Malony, P. His Mother’s Nose, 2001
Manushkin, F. The Tushy Book, 2009
Mayer, C. Body Coverings:  Skin, 2006
Miyakoskh, J. All About Faces!  2003
My What’s Inside?  My Body,  1991
Paul, A. Hello Toes!  Hello Feet!  1998
Perl, E. Chicken Butt!  2009
Perl, E. Chicken Butt’s Back, 2011
Ross, M. Mama’s Milk, 2007
Rowe, J. Whose Ears?  1998
Rowe, J. Whose Feet?  1998
Schaefer, L. Look Behind!  2008
Schuette, S. Taking Care of My Ears, 2006
Schumacher, B. Body Parts:  Las Partes Del Cuerpo, 2005
Sherman, J. Because It’s My Body!  2002
Vail, R. Righty and Lefty:  A Tale of Two Feet, 2007
Walsh, M. My Nose, Your Nose, 2002
Weeks, S. Happy Birthday Frankie, 1999
Additional Juvenile books about Anatomy can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 612)
Juvenile books about human sexuality and where babies come from can be found in
            Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 612.6)


Aardema, V. Anansi Does the Impossible!  An Ashanti Tale, 1997
Berry, J. Frist Pam Trees:  An Anancy Spiderman Story, 1997
Kimmel, E. Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock, 1988
Kimmel, E. Anansi and the Talking Melon, 1994
Kimmel, E. Anansi and the Magic Stick, 2001
McDermott, G. Anansi the Spider:  A Tale From the Ashanti, 1986
Sherlock, P. Anansi, the Spider Man:  Jamaican Folk Tales, 1954
Additional Children’s Folktales can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J398’s)

Amusement Parks and Fairs

Adams, D. Zoom!  2005
Bemelmans, L. Madeline and the Gypsies, 1987
Berenstain, S. The Berenstain Bears at the Big Fun Park (Board Book), 1996
Bogart, J. Count Your Chickens, 2017
Bunting, E. Pumpkin Fair, 1997
Calhoun, M. Blue-Ribbon Henry, 1998
Carlson, N. Harriet and the Roller Coaster, 2003
Cecil, R. Gator, 2007
Cooper, E. Country Fair, 1997
Cousins, L. Maisy at the Fair, 2001
Crews, D. Night at the Fair, 1998
Cronin, D. Dooby Dooby Moo, 2006
Curato, M. Little Elliot Big Fun, 2016
Davis, K. Mr. Ferris and His Wheel, 2014
Delany, A. Pearl’s First Prize Plant, 1997
Frasier, D. A Fabulous Fair Alphabet, 2010
Frazee, M. Roller Coaster, 2003
Froehlich, M. That Kookoory!  1995
Gorbachev, V. Molly Who Flew Away, 2009
Greenberg, M. Mermaids on Parade, 2008
Helakowski, L. Fair Cow, 2010
Himmelman, J. Cows to the Rescue, 2011
Holabird, K. Angelina at the Fair, 2000
Horse, H. Little Rabbit Lost, 2002
Hyde, J. Feivel’s Flying Horses, 2010
Janni, R. Every Cowgirl Loves a Rodeo, 2012
Kinney, J. The Pig Scramble, 2011
Lewin, T. Fair!  1997
Mackall, D. Are We There Yet?  2003
McCann, J. Scooby-Doo!  And the Phantom Cowboy, 2002
McCarthy, M. Show Dog, 2004
Norman, K. I Know a Wee Piggy, 2012
O’Malley, K. Roller Coasters, 1995
Rathmann, P. The Day the Babies Crawled Away, 2003
Rodda, E. Yay!  1997
Rosen, M. Bear Flies High, 2009
Stoeke, J. Minerva Louise at the Fair, 2000
Valdes, L. At the Carnival, 2005
Vernick, A. I Won a What?  2106
Viva, F. Outstanding in the Rain, 2015
Weinberg, S. You Must Be This Tall, 2016
Yaccarino, D. Billy and Goat at the State Fair, 2015
Additional books on Amusement Parks can be found in Juvenile Non Fiction (J 791.068)

American History

Adler, D. America’s Champion Swimmer:  Gertrude Ederle, 2000 (1926)
Adler, D. Lou Gehrig:  The Luckiest Man, 1997 (1903 – 1941)
Adler, D. Mama Played Baseball, 2003 (1940’s)
Abraham, P. George Washington, 2002 (1732 – 1799)
Adler, D. The Babe & I, 1999 (1932)
Alexander, E. Praise Song for the Day, 2012 (2008)
Allen, N. Barreling Over Niagara Falls, 2013 (1901)
Applegate, K. The Buffalo Storm, 2007 (1841 – 1869)
Aston, D. The Moon Over Star, 2008 (1969)
Atwell, D. Pearl, 2001 (1770’s – 1960’s)
Aylesworth, J. Our Abe Lincoln, 2009 (1809 – 1865)
Barron, T. High as a Hawk: A Brave Girl’s Historical Climb, 2004 (1905)
Bates, K. America the Beautiful, 2003 (1627 – Present)
Bauer, P. B is for Battle Cry:  A Civil War Alphabet, 2009 (1861 – 1865)
Bellamy, F. I Pledge Allegiance, 2002 (1892)
Bildner, P. The Greatest Game Ever Played:  A Football Story, 2008 (1958)
Bildner, P. The Hallelujah Flight, 2010 (1932)
Birtha, B. Lucky Beans, 2010 (1929)
Blanco, R. One Today, 2015 (January 21, 2013)
Blue, R. Ron’s Big Mission, 2009 (1950’s)
Bordon, L. Goodbye, Charles Lindbergh, 1998 (1929)
Brown, D. Mack Made Movies, 2003 (1909)
Brown, D. American Boy:  The Adventures of Mark Twain, 2003 (1830’s – 1860’s)
Brown, D. Bright Path:  Young Jim Thorpe, 2006 (1888 – 1953)
Brown, D. Henry and the Cannons, 2013 (1775)
Bruchac, J. Squanto’s Journey:  The Story of the First Thanksgiving, 2000 (1614)
Bryant, J. Abe’s Fish, 2009 (1809 – 1865)
Bunting, E. Pop’s Bridge, 2006 (1930’s)
Bunting, E. Washday, 2014 (1790 – 1840)
Bunting, E. Dandelions, 1995 (1850’s – 1860’s)
Carbone, E. Night Running: How James Escaped, 2008 (1838)
Carville, J. Lu and the Swamp Ghost, 2004 (1929)
Chaconas, D. Dancing With Katya, 2006 (1920’s)
Chandra, D. George Washington’s Teeth, 2003 (1776)
Cheney, L. A Is For Abigail:  An Almanac of Amazing American Women, 2003
Cheney, L. When Washington Crossed the Delaware, 2004 (1776)
Cheney, L. America:  A Patriotic Primer, 2002
Cheney, L. Our 50 States:  A Family Adventure Across America, 2006
Clark, M. Ghost Ship:  A Cape Cod Story, 2007
Cline-Ransome, L. Major Taylor Champion Cyclist, 2004 (1899)
Cohan, G. You’re a Grand Old Flag, 2008
Cole, H. Unspoken, 2012 (1850-1860)
Collins, S. Year of the Jungle, 2013 (1961 – 1975)
Corey, S. Players in Pigtails, 2003 (1940’s)
Cotton, C. The Book Boat’s In, 2013 (1800’s)
Crane, C. P is for Pilgrim:  A Thanksgiving Alphabet, 2003 (1620)
Cullen, L. Dear Mr. Washington, 2015 (1796)
Cummins, J. Sam Patch Daredevil Jumper, 2009 (1807-1829)
Davies, J. Tricking the Tallyman, 2009 (1791)
Davis, K. Mr. Ferris and His Wheel, 2014 (1893)
Deans, K. Swing Sisters:  The Story of the International Sweethearts of Rhythm, 2015
Deedy, C. 14 Cows for America, (June 2002)
Drummond, A. The Flyers, 2003 (1903)
Drummond, A. Tin Lizzie, 2008 (early 1900’s)
Duvall, J. The Great Spruce, 2016 (1931)
Evans, S. We March, 2012 (1963)
Farris, C. March On!  The Day My Brother Martin Changed the World, 2008 (1963)
Fern, T. Barnum’s Bones:  How Barnum Brown Discovered, 2012 (1902)
Firestone, M. The Liberty Bell, 2007 (1700’s – 1800’s)
Fleischman, P. The Matchbox Diary, 2013 (1916)
Fleming, C. Imogene’s Last Stand, 2009
Fleming, C. Papa’s Mechanical Fish, 2013 (1851)
Floca, B. Moonshot:  The Flight of Apollo 11, 2008 (July 1969)
Floca, B. Locomotive, 2013 (1865 – 1881)
Fosberry, J. My Name is Not Isabelle, 2010
Fuchs, B. Ride Like the Wind:  A Tale of the Pony Express, 2004 (1860’s)
George, J. The Wolves Are Back, 2008 (1926)
Gerstein, M. The Man Who Walked Between the Towers, 2003 (1974)
Gerstein, M. What Charlie Heard, 2002 (1874 – 1954)
Gilliland, J. Steamboat:  The Story of Captain Blanche Leathers, 2000 (1872 – 1894)
Gingrich, C. Sweet Land of Liberty, 2011
Glaser, L. Hannah’s Way, 2012 (1932)
Gonzalez, L. The Storyteller’s Candle:  La Velita de los Cuentos, 2008 (1929 – 1935)
Goodman, S. Pilgrims of Plymouth, 1999 (1620 – 1691)
Gourley, R. Bring Me Some Apples and I’ll Make You a Pie, 2009 (1865 – 1950)
Gourley, R. First Garden:  The White House Garden, 2011
Greenberg, J. Action Jackson, 2002 (1950)
Greenberg, J. Ballet for Martha:  Making Appalachian Spring, 2010 (1944)
Greenfield, E. Easter Parade, 1998 (1943)
Grifalconi, A. Ain’t Nobody a Stranger to Me, 2007
Griffin, K. The Ride:  The Legend of Betsy Dowdy, 2010 (1775 – 1783)
Grigsby, S. In the Garden with Dr. Carver, 2010 (1864-1943)
Grodin, E. Everyone Counts:  A Citizen’s Number Book, 2006
Hall, D. Lucy’s Summer, 1995 (1910)
Hall, D. Ox-Cart Man, 1979 (1800’s)
Hegamin, T. Most Love in All the World, 2009 (1830 – 1861)
Helldorfer, M. Hog Music, 2000 (1840’s)
Henson, H. That Book Woman, 2008 (1930’s)
Hodges, M. The True Tale of Johnny Appleseed, 1997 (1774 – 1845)
Hopkinson, D. Girl Wonder: A Baseball Story in Nine Innings, 2003 (1907)
Hopkinson, D. Sky Boys:  How They Built the Empire State Building, 2006 (1931)
Hopkinson, D. Apples to Oregon, 2003 (1847)
Hopkinson, D. Apples to Oregon (Media Kit), 2003 (1847)
Hopkinson, D. Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek:  A Tall, Thin Tale, 2008 (1816)
Hopkinson, D. Home on the Range: John A. Lomax & His Cowboy Songs, 2009 (1867-1943)
Hopkinson, D. Stagecoach Sal:  Inspired By a True Tale, 2009 (1860’s – 1880’s)
Hopkinson, D. Knit Your Bit:  A World War I Story, 2013 (1914 – 1918)
Hopkinson, D. Steamboat School, 2016 (1847)
Hopkinson, D. Independence Cake, 2017 (1783 – 1815)
Howard, E. Virgie Goes to School With Us Boys, 2000 (1849 – 1877)
Huget, J. Thanks a LOT, Emily Post!  (late 1800’s)
Hyde, H. Feivel’s Flying Horses, 2010 (1800’s)
Isaacs, A. The Ghosts of Luckless Gulch, 2008 (1848)
Isaacs, A. Dust Devil, 2010 (1800’s)
Issacs, A. Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch, 2014 (1865 – 1950)
Jackson, W. Abe Lincoln Loved Animals, 2008 (1809 – 1865))
Johnson, D. Henry Climbs a Mountain, 2003 (1817 – 1862)
Johnson, D. Henry Works, 2004 (1817 – 1862)
Johnson, J. My Dear Noel:  The Story of a Letter From Beatrix Potter, 1999 (1893)
Johnston, T. Levi Strauss Gets a Bright Idea, 2011 (1850 – 1950)
Jones, C. Sarah Emma Edmonds Was a Great Pretender, 2011 (1861 – 1865)
Judge, L. One Thousand Tracings:  Healing the Wounds of World War II, 2007 (1946)
Judge, L. Pennies for Elephants, 2009 (1914)
Kalman, M. Looking at Lincoln, 2012 (1800’s)
Kay, V. Tattered Sails, 2001 (1635)
Kay, V. Whatever Happened to the Pony Express?  2010 (1860)
Kay, V. Hornbooks and Inkwells, 2011 (1700’s)
Kellogg, S. Johnny Appleseed, 1988 (1774 – 1845)
Kerley, B. What To Do About Alice?  2008 (late 1800’s)
Kessel, J. Squanto and the First Thanksgiving, 1983 (1614)
Key, F. The Star-Spangled Banner, 2003 (1812)
Krull, K. The Boy on Fairfield Street, 2004 (1904 – 1926)
Krull, K. Lincoln Tells a Joke: How Laughter Saved the President, 2010 (1809 – 1865)
Kulling, M. The Tweedles Go Electric, 2014 (1900’s)
Larson, K. Two Bobbies, 2008 (2005)
Lasek, M. This is the Way to the Moon, 2009 (1950’s – 1960’s)
Lasky, K. Georgia Rises:  A Day in the Life of Georgia O’Keefe, 2009 (1887 – 1986)
Lawrence, J. Harriet and the Promised Land, 1968 (1849)
Lee, M. Landed, 2006 (1882)
Lendroth, S. Ocean Wide, Ocean Deep, 2007 (1800’s)
Levy, D. We Shall Overcome:  The Story of a Song, 2013 (1800’s – Present)
Lindbergh, R. Nobody Owns the Sky:  The Story of “Brave Bessie” Coleman, 1996 (1920’s)
Lorbiecki, M. Jackie’s Bat, 2006 (1947)
Lorbiecki, M. Paul Bunyan’s Sweetheart, 2007 (1858)
Lowry, L. Crow Call, 2009 (1945)
Lyons, K. Ellen’s Broom, 2012 (1866)
Mackall, D. The Legend of Ohio, 2005
Mackall, D. Rudy Rides the Rails:  A Depression Era Story, 2007 (1932)
Mackall, D. A Girl Named Dan, 2008 (1961)
Malaspina, A. Finding Lincoln, 2009 (1951)
Maltbie, P. Bambino and Mr. Twain, 2012 (1904)
Manning, M. Laundry Day, 2012 (1900’s)
Markel, M. Brave Girl:  Clara and the Shirtwaist Makers’ Strike of 1909, 2013
Markel, M. Hillary Rodham Clinton:  Some Girls Are Born to Lead, 2016 (1947 – 2015)
Martin, J. Snowflake Bentley, 1998 (1865)
Mason, M. These Hands, 2010 (1950’s)
McCarthy, M. Seabiscuit the Wonder Horse, 2008 (1930’s)
McCarthy, M. Earmuffs for Everyone! How Chester Greenwood…, 2015 (1870’s)
McClung, R. Old Bet and the Start of the American Circus, 1993 (early 1800’s)
McCully, E. Squirrel and John Muir, 2004 (1860’s)
McCully, E. Wonder Horse:  The True Story of the World’s Smartest Horse, 2010 (1880’s)
Meyer, S. New Shoes, 2015 (1950’s)
Miller, W. Richard Wright and the Library Card, 1997 (1920’s)
Mitchell, M. When Grandmama Sings, 2012 (1951)
Moses, W. Mary and Her Little Lamb:  The True Story, 2011 (1775 – 1865)
Moss, M. Mighty Jackie:  The Strike-out Queen, 2004 (1931)
Moss, M. The Bravest Woman in America, 2011 (1842 – 1911)
Newman, L. Ketzel, the Cat Who Composed, 2015 (1990’s)
Newton, V. Let Freedom Sing, 2009 (1950’s – 1960’s)
Noble, T. The Legend of Michigan, 2006
Nolan, J. The Firehouse Light, 2010 (1901)
Obama, B. Yes We Can! A Salute to Children From President Obama’s Victory Speech, 2008
Olswanger, A. Shhlemiel Crooks, 2005 (1919)
Orgill, R. Skit-Scat Raggedy Cat:  Ella Fitzgerald, 2010 (1920’s)
Pinkney, A. Martin & Mahalia:  His Words, Her Song (August 28, 1963)
Polacco, P. Pink and Say, 1994 (1861 – 1865)
Polacco, P. Tucky Jo and Little Heart, 2015 (1939 – 1945)
Ramsey, C. Ruth and the Green Book, 2010 (1950’s)
Ramsey, C. Belle, the Last Mule at Gee’s Bend, 2011 (1960’s)
Raven, M. Night Boat to Freedom, 2006
Rawlings, M. The Secret River, 2011 (1940’s)
Roberts, C. Founding Mothers:  Remembering the Ladies, 2014
Roberts, C. Ladies of Liberty:  The Women Who Shaped Our Nation, 2017
Robinson, S. Testing the Ice:  A True Story About Jackie Robinson, 2009 (1955)
Rocco, J. Blizzard, 2014 (February 6, 1978)
Rockliff, M. My Heart Will Not Sit Down, 2012 (1929)
Rockwell, A. Presidents’ Day, 2008
Rockwell, A. Big George: How a Shy Boy Became President Washington, 2009 (1732-1799)
Rodriguez, R. Through Georgia’s Eyes, 2010 (1887 – 1986)
Ryan, P. Amelia and Eleanor Go for a Ride, 1999 (1933)
Sarcone-Roach, J. Subway Tour, 2011 (2001)
Schubert, L. Ballet of the Elephants, 2006 (1942)
Scillian, D. Pappy’s Handkerchief:  A Tale of the Oklahoma Land Run, 2007 (1889)
Shange, E. Ellington Was Not a Street, 2004 (1950’s)
Slate, J. I Want to be Free, 2009 (1800’s)
Smith, C. Black Jack:  The Ballad of Jack Johnson, 2010 (1910)
Smith, L. John, Paul, George and Ben, 2006 (1770’s)
Smith, M. S is for Smithsonian:  America’s Museum Alphabet, 2010
Smith, S. America, My Country Tis of Thee, 2003 (1831)
Smucker, A. Golden Delicious:  A Cinderella Apple Story, 2008 (1905)
St. George, J. So You Want to Be President?  2000
Staake, B. The First Pup, 2010 (2009)
Steig, W. When Everybody Wore a Hat, 2003 (1916)
Stevenson, H. Looking at Liberty, 2003 (1886)
Stone, T. Sandy’s Circus:  A Story About Alexander Calder, 2008 (1898 – 1976)
Tarplay, N. Joe-Joe’s First Flight, 2003 (1920’s)
Thayer, E. Casey at the Bat:  A Ballad of the Republic Sung in the Year 1888, 2003
Turner, A. Abe Lincoln Remembers, 2001 (1865)
Uhlberg, M. Dad, Jackie and Me, 2005 (1947)
Uhlberg, M. A Storm Called Katrina, 2011 (2003)
Van Leeuwen, J. Papa and the Pioneer Quilt, 2007 (1841 – 1869)
Vila, L. Building Manhattan, 2008
Walker, S. Freedom Song!  The Story of Henry “Box” Brown, 2012  (1849)
Wargin, K. The Legend of Mackinac Island, 1999
Wargin, K. The Legend of Sleeping Bear, 1998
Wargin, K. The Voyageur’s Paddle, 2007 (1700’s)
Warhola, J. Uncle Andy’s, 2003 (1962)
Waters, K. Sarah Morton’s Day:  A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Girl, 1989 (1627)
Watson, R. A Place Where Hurricanes Happen, 2010 (2005)
Weber, E. The Yankee at the Seder, 2009 (1861 – 1865)
Whelan, G. Mackinac Bridge, 2006 (1957)
White, L. I Could Do That! Esther Morris Gets Women the Vote, 2005 (1869)
Winter, J. Gertrude is Gertrude and Gertrude is Gertrude, 2009 (early 1900’s)
Winter, J. The Tale of Pale Male:  A True Story, 2007 (1990’s)
Winter, J. You Never Heard of Casey Stendel?!  2016 (1890 – 1975)
Woodson, J. Show Way, 2005 (1860’s)
Yaccarino, D. All the Way to America:  The Story of a Big Italian Family, 2011 (1900’s)
Yolen, J. My Brothers’ Flying Machine: Wilbur, Orville and Me, 2003 (1903)
Yolen, J. My Uncle Emily, 2009 (1860’s)
Yolen, J. Elsie’s Bird, 2010 (1800’s)
Additional books about American History can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 973’s)


Adler, D. Mama Played Baseball, 2003
Alexander, E. Praise Song for the Day: A Poem for Obama’s Presidental Inauguation, 2012
Alko, S. B is for Brooklyn, 2012
Appleford, A. M is for Mitten:  A Michigan Alphabet Book, 1999
Arnosky, J. Babies in the Bayou, 2007
Austin, H. Boatyard Ducklings, 2008
Bates, K. America the Beautiful, 2003
Bates, K. America the Beautiful, 2013
Bellamy, F. I Pledge Allegiance, 2002
Berkner, L. Victor Vito and Freddie Vasco, 2004
Bolden, T. 12 Days of New York, 2013
Bridwell, N. Clifford Goes to Washington, 2005
Brown, M. In New York, 2014
Brunhoff, L. Babar’s USA, 2008
Brunhoff, L. Babar Comes to America, 2008
Bunting, E. A Picnic in October, 1999
Burg, A. E is for Empire:  A New York State Alphabet, 2003
Burleigh, R. Hit the Road, Jack, 2012
Casey, T. Underground Gators, 2009
Chall, M. Happy Birthday America!  2000
Cheney, L. A is for Abigail:  An Almanac of Amazing American Women, 2003
Cheney, L. America:  A Patriotic Primer, 2002
Cheney, L. Our 50 States:  A Family Adventure Across America, 2006
Cheny, L. When Washington Crossed the Delaware, 2004
Clark, M. Ghost Ship:  A Cape Cod Story, 2007
Cohan, G. You’re a Grand Old Flag, 2008
Crane, C. P is for Peach:  A Georgia Alphabet, 2002
Crane, C. L is for Last Frontier:  An Alaska Alphabet, 2002
Crane, C. S is for Sunshine:  A Florida Alphabet, 2000
Crane, C. L is for Lone Star:  A Texas Alphabet, 2001
Cronin, D. Duck for President, 2004
Cuyler, M. That’s Good!  That’s Bad!  In Washington, D.C.  2007
Cuyler, M. That’s Good!  That’s Bad!  In The Grand Canyon, 2002
Domeniconi, D. G is for Golden:  A California Alphabet, 2002
Downing, J. My Aunt Came Back From Louisiane, 2008
Downing, J. Today is Monday in New York, 2011
Drummond, A. Liberty!  2002
Dunham, T. The Legend of Papa Noel:  A Cajun Christmas Story, 2006
Ford, C. Ocean’s Child, 2009
Forman, R. Young Cornrows Callin Out the Moon, 2007
Freeman, D. One More Acorn, 2010
Garland, M. Americana, 2008
Garland, M. Americana Adventure, 2008
Geisert, B. River Town, 1999
Geisert, B. Mountain Town, 2000
George, J. The Wolves are Back, 2008
Gilchrist, J. My America, 2007
Gingrich, C. Sweet Land of Liberty, 2011
Glaser, H. Hello Kitty:  Hello USA!  2005
Glaser, L. Hannah’s Way, 2012
Greenberg, M. Mermaids on Parade, 2008
Grodin, E. D is for Democracy:  A Citizen’s Alphabet, 2004
Guthrie, W. This Land is Your Land, 1998
Gutman, A. Lisa in New York, 2002
Hall, D. Lucy’s Summer, 1995
Hall, D. Ox-Cart Man, 1979
Hawkes, K. The Wicked Big Toddlah, 2007
Hawkes, K. The Wicked Big Toddlah Goes to New York, 2011
Helldorfer, M. Hog Music, 2000
Hest, A. When You Meet a Bear on Broadway, 2009
Hewitt, D. Uncle Sam’s America, 2008
Hopkinson, D. Sky Boys:  How They Built the Empire State Building, 2006
Hopkinson, D. Apples to Oregon, 2003
Hopkinson, D. Apples to Oregon (Media Kit), 2003
Hueston, M. The All-American Jump and Jive Jig, 2010
Jackson, A. Desert Rose and Her Highfalutin Hog, 2009
Jarrie, M. ABC USA, 2005
Joel, B. New York State of Mind, 2005
Joose, B. Grandma Calls Me Beautiful, 2008
Kay, V. Tattered Sails, 2001
Keller, L. The Scrambled States of America, 1998
Keller, L. The Scrambled States of America Talent Show, 2008
Kennedy, E. My Senator and Me:  A Dog’s-Eye View of Washington, D.C. 2006
Ketteman, H. Bubba the Cowboy Prince:  A Fractured Texas Tale, 1997
Ketteman, H. Waynetta and the Cornstalk:  A Texas Fairy Tale, 2007
Ketteman, H. The Three Little Gators, 2009
Key, F. The Star-Spangled Banner, 2003
Kimmel, E. Little Britches and the Rattlers, 2008
Kimmel, E. The Top Job, 2007
Kimmelman, L. Happy 4th of July, 2002
Lasek, M. This is the Way to the Moon, 2009
London, J. Froggy Goes to Hawaii, 2011
Loomis, C. Across America I Love You, 2000
Mackall, D. The Legend of Ohio, 2005
Manning, M. Laundry Day, 2012
Marciano, J. Madeline at the White House, 2011
Martin, B. I Pledge Allegiance, 2002
Martin, J. Chicken Joy on Redbean Road:  A Bayou Country Romp, 2007
McClintock, B. Adele & Simon in America, 2008
McDermott, G. Pig-Boy:  A Trickster Tale From Hawaii, 2009
Melmed, L. Heart of Texas:  A Lone Star ABC, 2009
Melmet, L. Capital!  Washington From A to Z, 2003
Mortensen, D. Ohio Thunder, 2006
Neubecker, R. Wow!  America!  2006
Noble, T. The Legend of Michigan, 2006
Osborne, M. Happy Birthday America, 2003
Patterson, K. Maybelle, Bunny of the North, 2009
Plourde, L. Only Cows Allowed!  2011
Polacco, P. Boat Ride with Lillian Two Blossom, 1988
Powell, A. America’s Promise,  2003
Priceman, M. How to Make a Cherry Pie and See the U.S.A. 2008
Prieto, A. P is for Pelican:  A Louisiana Alphabet, 2004
Puck Wow!  New York City, 2010
Reynolds, C. L is for Lobster:  A Maine Alphabet, 2001
Reynolds, C. H is for Hoosier:  An Indiana Alphabet, 2001
Riehle, M. B is for Bluegrass:  A Kentucky Alphabet, 2002
Roberts, B. Fourth of July Mice, 2004
Rockwell, A. Presidents’ Day, 2008
Root, P. One North Star:  A Counting Book, 2016
Rubbino, S. A Walk in New York, 2009
Rylant, C. Tulip Sees America, 1998
Sarcone-Roach, J. Subway Tour, 2011
Savard. R. First Spring:  An Innu Tale of North America, 2006
Schonberg, M. B is for Buckeye:  An Ohio Alphabet, 2005
Scillian, D. A is for America:  An American Alphabet, 2001
Scillian, D. One Nation:  America by the Numbers, 2002
Sis, P. Train of States, 2004
Slier, D. The Real Mother Goose Book of American Rhymes, 1995
Smith, C. I Am America, 2003
Smith, L. John, Paul, George and Ben, 2006
Smith, M. N is for Our Nation’s Capital:  A Washington, D.C. Alphabet, 2005
Smith, M. S is for Smithsonian:  America’s Museum Alphabet, 2010
Smith, S. America, My Country Tis of Thee:  An American Song About Freedom
Spencer, J. Train to Maine, 2008
Spier, P. The Star-Spangled Banner, 1992
Spier, P. We the People:  The Constitution of the United States, 1987
St. George, J. So You Want to be President?  2000
Stevenson, H. Looking at Liberty, 2003
Stock, C. A Porch in New York, 2007
Talbott, H. United Tweets of America, 2008
Teague, M. LaRue Across America:  Postcards from the Vacation, 2011
Thomas, H. Ther Great White House Breakout, 2008
Thomas, J. Celebration!  1997
Tomp, S. Red, White and Blue Good-bye, 2005
Van Leeuwen, J. A Fourth of July on the Plains, 1997
Wardlaw, L. Red, White and Boom!  2012
Wargin, K. L is for Lincoln:  An Illinois Alphabet, 2000
Wargin, K. The Michigan Counting Book, 2000
Wargin, K. The Legend of Mackinac Island, 1999
Wargin, K. The Legend of Sleeping Bear, 1998
Wargin, K. I Spy with My Little Eye Minnesota, 2008
Watson, W. Hurray for the Fourth of July, 1992
Wells, R. McDuff Saves the Day, 2002
Whelan, G. Mackinac Bridge, 2006
White, L. I Could Do That!  Esther Morris Gets Women the Vote, 2005
Whitney, L. C is for Centennial:  A Colorda Alphabet, 2002
Wilson, K. How to Bake an American Pie, 2007
Wong, J. Apple Pie 4th of July, 2002
Young, J. S is for Show Me:  A Missouri Alphabet, 2001
Ziefert, H. Hats Off For the Fourth of July!  2000
Additional books about America can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 970’s)

Alligators and Crocodiles

Artell, M. Petite Rouge:  A Cajun Red Riding Hood, 2001
Beard, A. Crocodile’s Tears, 2011
Bergman, M. Snip Snap!  What’s That?  2005
Bromley, N. Open Very Carefully:  A Book with Bite, 2013
Bryan, S. A Girl and Her Gator, 2006
Burns, K. Snap Like A Crocodile, 1999
Bynum, J. Kiki’s Blankie, 2009
Calmenson, S. Gator Halloween, 1999
Casey, T. Underground Gators, 2009
Cecil, R. Gator, 2007
Charles, F. The Selfish Crocodile, 1999
Chen, C. Guji Guji, 2004
Christelow, W. Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree, 1991
Christelow, W. Five Little Monkeys Wash the Car, 2000
Clark, E. Melrose and Croc:  An Adventure to Remember, 2008
dePaola, T. Bill and Pete to the Rescue, 1998
dePaola, T. Bill and Pete, 1978
dePaola, T. Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile, 1987
Donnio, S. I’d Really Like to Eat a Child, 2007
Doucent, S. Alligator Sue, 2003
Eduar, G. Jooka Saves the Day, 1997
Emberley, R. The Crocodile and the Scorpion, 2013
Falatko, J. Snappsy the Alligator, 2016
Finlay, L. Little Croc’s Purse, 2011
Fleming, C. Gator Gumbo, 2004
Gom, T. The Crocodile and the Dentist, 1996
Gordon, G. Herman and Rosie, 2013
Gralley, J. Very Boring Alligator, 2001
Gravett, E. The Odd Egg, 2008
Henkes, K. Egg, 2017
Hovland, H. John Jensen Feels Different, 2012
Jarvis Alan’s Big, Scary Teeth, 2016
Jewell, N. Alligator Wedding, 2010
Kasza, K. My Lucky Birthday, 2013
Ketteman, H.  The Three Little Gators, 2009
Kleven, E. The Puddle Pail, 1997
Kleven, E. A Carousel Tale, 2009
Lakin, P. Snow Day!  2002
Lakin, P. Camping Day, 2009
Lakin, P. Rainy Day!  2007
Lakin, P. Beach Day!  2004
Lies, B. Gator  Dad, 2016
Lionni, L. An Extraordinary Egg, 1994
Lionni, L. Cornelius, 1983
London, J. Crocodile:  Disappearing Dragon, 2001
Mayer, M. There’s an Alligator Under My Bed, 1987
McDermott, G. Monkey:  A Trickster Tale from India, 2011
Merino, G. The Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water, 2014
Miller, J. Winston & George, 2014
Munsch, R. Alligator Baby, 1997
Norman, K. Crocodaddy, 2009
Ormerod, J. The Baby Swap, 2013
Palatini, M. No Biting, Louise, 2007
Panzieri, L. The Kindhearted Crocodile, 2013
Parsley, E. If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, Don’t!  2015
Paye, W. Mrs. Chicken and the Hungry Crocodile, 2003
Peters, E. The Snake, the Crocodile and the Dog, 1992
Pizzoli, G. The Watermelon Seed,, 3013
Pohrt, T. Having a Wonderful Time, 1999
Protopopescu, O. Two Sticks, 2007
Rayner, C. Solomon Crocodile, 2011
Schmid, P. Oliver and His Alligator, 2013
Schwarz, V. How to Find Gold, 2016
Sedaka, N. Waking Up is Hard To Do, 2010
Sierra, J. The Gift of the Crocodile:  A Cinderella Story, 2000
Sierra, J. What Time is it Mr. Crocodile?  2004
Sierra, J. Counting Crocodiles, 1997
Stevenson, J. Stripe, 2000
Urbanovic, J. Duck and Cover, 2009
Vesey. A. Hector’s New Sneakers, 1993
Waber, B. Lyle the Crocodile Books
Wallace, K. Imagine You Are A Crocodile, 1997
Walsh, E. For Pete’s Sake, 1998
Wells, R. Kindergators:  Hands Off Harry!  2011
Wells, R. Kindergators:  Miracle Melts Down, 2012
Westcott, N. The Lady With the Alligator Purse, 2003
Willems, M. Amanda & Her Alligator!  2011
Additional children’s books about Alligators and Crocodiles can be found in
          Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 597.98)

Aliens and Martians

Aliens and Martians
Agee, J. Life on Mars, 2017
Amavisca, L. The Galinos, 2016
Axelrod, A. They’ll Believe Me When I’m Gone, 2003
Breathed, B. Mars Needs Moms!  2007
Brunhoff, L. Babar Visits Another Planet, 2003
Disney Lilo & Stitch, 2002
Elliot, D. Hazel Butt, Alien Hunter, 2004
Freedman, C. Aliens Love Underpants, 2007
Fromental, J. Oops!  2010
Graves, K. Pet Boy, 2000
Grey, M. Toys in Space, 2012
Jeffers, O. The Way Back Home, 2007
Joyce, W Rolie Polie Olie, 1999
Karas, G. Bebe’s Bad Dream, 2000
Marshall, E. Space Case, 1982
McCarthy, M. Aliens Are Coming!  The True Account, 2006
McElligott, M. Even Aliens Need Snacks, 2012
McNamara, M. The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot, 2011
McNaughton, C. We’re Off to Look for Aliens, 2008
O’Malley, K. Captain Raptor and the Space Pirates, 2007
Portis, A. Best Frints in the Whole Universe, 2016
Rogerson, G. You Can’t Eat a Princess!  2010
SanSouci, D. Space Station Mars, 2005
Sauer, T. Your Alien, 2015
Schories, P. When Jack Goes Out, 2010
Scieszka, J. Baloney, Henry P, 2001
Smith, S. Goldilocks and the Three Martians, 2004
Staub. L. Time for Earth School, Dewey Dew, 2016
Whatley, B. Captain Pajamas, 1999
Wiesner, D. Mr. Wuffles!  2013
Additional children’s books about Aliens can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 001.94)