Diaries and Scrapbooks

Blumenthal, D. Aunt Claire’s Yellow Behive Hair, 2001
Chandra, D. George Washington’s Teeth, 2003
Cronin, D. Diary of a Fly, 2007
Cronin, D. Diary of a Spider, 2005
Cronin, D. Diary of a Worm, 2003
DeCesare, A. Flip’s Fantastic Journal, 1999
Fleischman, P. The Matchbox Diary, 2013
French, J. Diary of a Wombat, 2003
Kirk, D. Library Mouse:  A Museum Adventure, 2012
Kitamura, S. UFO Diary, 1989
Maunder, C. Zoe Sophia’s Scrapbook:  An Adventure in Venice, 2003
Pfanner, L. Little Lucie’s Diary, 2004
Scillian, D. Memoirs of a Goldfish, 2010
Scillian, Devin Memoirs of a Hamster, 2013
Stewart, S. The Journey, 2001
Thoms, S. Cesar Takes a Break, 2008
Turner, S. Cool Cat, Hot Dog:  A Scrapbook Based on Real Events, 2005
Additional children’s books about Scrapbooking can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 745.593)