Dogs and Puppies

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Young, N. Zoomer’s Summer Snowstorm, 2011
Zarin, C. Albert, the Dog Who Like to Ride in Taxis, 2003
Ziefert, H. My Dog Thinks I’m a Genius, 2011
Ziefert, H. Puppy Is Lost, 2011
Ziefert, H. Lucy Rescued, 2012
Zion, G. Harry the Dirty Dog, 2002 – hoopla
Zolotow, C. The Poodle Who Barked at the Wind, 2002
Zommer, Y. One Hundred Bones, 2015
Zuill, A. Wolf Camp, 2016
Additional children’s books about Dogs can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 636.7’s)