English Language

Appelt, K. Elephants Aloft, 1993
Arena, J. Marta!  Big & Small, 2016
Ayres, K. Up, Down and Around, 2007
Baker, A. Little Rabbits First Word Book, 1996
Banks, K. Max’s Words, 2006
Barretta, G. Dear Deer:  A Book of Homophones, 2007
Bernhard, D. To & Fro, Fast & Slow, 2001
Best, C. Beatrice Spells Some Lulus and Learns to Write a Letter, 2013
Brennan-Nelson, D. My Mama Likes to Say, 2003
Brennan-Nelson, D. My Teachers Likes to Say, 2004
Bruno, E. Punctuation Celebration, 2009
Byers, P. One Sheep, Two Sheep:  A Book of Collective Nouns, 2010
Cleary, B. A Mink, A Fink, A Skating Rink:  What is a Noun?  1999
Cleary, B. Hairy, Scary, Ordinary:  What is an Adjective?  2000
Cleary, B. To Root, To Toot, To Parachute:  What is a Verb?  2001
Cleary, B. Under, Over, by the Clover:  What is a Preposition?  2002
Cleary, B. Dearly, Nearly Insincerely:  What is an Adverb?  2003
Cleary, B. I and You and Don’t Forget Who:  What is a Pronoun? 2004
Cleary, B. Pitch and Throw, Grasp and Know:  What is a Synonym?  2005
Cleary, B. How Much Can a Bare Bear Bare?  What Are Homonyms?  2005
Cleary, B. A Lime, A Mime, A Pool of Slime:  More About Nouns, 2006
Cleary, B. Slide and Slurp, Scratch and Burp:  More About Verbs, 2007
Cleary, B. Lazily, Crazily, Just a Bit Nasilly:  More About Adverbs, 2008
Cleary, B. Quirky, Jerky, Extra-Perky:  More About Adjectives, 2007
Cleary, B. Stroll and Walk, Babble and Talk:  More About Synonyms, 2008
Cleary, B. Pre- and Re-, Mis- amd Dis-:  What is a Prefix?  2013
Coffelt, N. Big, Bigger, Biggest!  2009
Cox, J. Carmen Learns English, 2010
Curtis, J. Big Words for Little People, 2008
Edwards, W. The Cat’s Pajamas, 2010
Frasier, D. Miss Alaineus:  A Vocabulary Disaster, 2000
Hopkins, L. Wonderful Words, 2004
Isadora, R. Yo, Jo!  2007
Jeffers, O. The Hueys in What’s the Opposite?  2016
Jocely, M. Where Do You Look?  2013
Leedy, L. Crazy Like a Fox:  A Simile Story, 2008
Lewis, P. Big is Big (and little, little):  A Book of Contrasts, 2007
Litchfield, J. Usborne Book of Everyday Words, 1999
Long, E. In! Over! And On! (the Farm), 2015
McPhail, D. Pig Pig Meets the Lion, 2012
Minters, F. Too Big, Too Small, Just Right, 2001
My My First Phonics Book, 1999
Pulver, R. Punctuation Takes a Vacation, 2003
Pulver, R. Nouns and Verbs Have a Field Day, 2003
Pulver, R. Silent Letters Loud and Clear, 2008
Pulver, R. Happy Endings:  A Story About Suffixes, 2011
Pulver, R. Mr First!  Prefixes Lead the Way, 2016
Ringgold, F. Cassie’s Word Quilt, 2002
Rosenthal, A. I Scream Ice Scream!  A Book of Wordles, 2013
Rubinger, A. Big Cat, Small Cat, 2008
Saltzberg, B. Phoebe and the Spelling Bee, 1997
Scarry, R. Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever, 2004
Schotter, R. The Boy Who Loved Words, 2006
Sesame ABC and 123: A Sesame Street Treasury of Words and Numbers, 1998
Sneed, B. Picture a Letter, 2002
Snicket, L. 13 Words, 2010
Thomas, J. Rhyming Dust Bunnies, 2008
Tobin, J. The Very Inappropriate Word, 2013
Truss, L. Eats, Shoots and Leaves:  Why, Commas Really Do Make a Difference! 06
Truss, L. The Girl’s Like Spaghetti:  Why You Can’t Manage Without Apostrophes!  07
Walker, S. The Vowel Family:  A Tale of Lost Letters, 2008
Wilkes, A. My First Word Book, 1999
Wilson, K. Big Bear, Small Mouse, 2016
Additional English Language books can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 423)