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Bauer, M. Thank You For Me!  2010
Bolliger, M. The Happy Troll, 2005
Brisson, P. Before We Eat:  From Farm to Table, 2014
Costello, D. I Can Help, 2010
Davis, A. Kishka for Koppel, 2011
DePaola, T. Look and be Grateful, 2015
Fleming, C. Boxes For Katje, 2003
Gold, A. Thank You God, For Everything, 2009
Kirk, D. Ten Thank-You Letters, 2014
Lechner, J. A Froggy Fable, 2005
London, J. Giving Thanks, 2003
Mora, P. Gracias Thanks, 2009
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Parr, T. The Thankful Book, 2012
Pfeffer, W. We Gather Together:  Celebrating the Harvest Season, 2006
Polacco, P. Thank You, Mr. Falker, 1998
Rey, M. Curious George Says Thank You, 2011
Scotton, R. Splat Says Thank You!  2012
Spinelli, E. Thankful, 2015
Willems, M. The Thank You Book, 2016
Wilson, K. Give Thanks to the Lord, 2007
Wilson, K. Bear Says Thanks, 2012
Additional Juvenile Fiction books about Gratitude can be found in Holiday Thanksgiving