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Barber, N. Going to the Hospital, 2009
Bennett, H. Harry Goes to the Hospital, 2008
Bourgeois, P. Franklin Goes to the Hospital, 2000
Bridwell, N. Clifford Visits the Hospital, 2000
Civardi, A. Going to the Hospital, 2005
Cousins, L. Maisy Goes to the Hospital, 2007
Gutman, A. Gaspard in the Hospital, 2001
Hatkoff, J. Good-Bye Tonsils, 2001
Johnson, M. Noah’s Garden:  When Someone You Love is in the Hospital, 2010
Lloyd, S. Doctor Meow’s Big Emergency, 2008
Mayer, M. My Trip to the Hospital, 2005
McCormick, W. The Night You Were Born, 2000
Shea, K. Out and About at the Vet Clinic, 2004
Slegers, L. Kevin Goes to the Hospital, 2007
Urdahl, C. Emma’s Question, 2008
Additional children’s books about Hospitals can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 362.1)