Aylesworth, J. My Grandfather’s Coat, 2014
Cutler, J. Guttersnipe, 2009
Davis, A. Kishka for Koppel, 2011
Davis, A. A Hen for Izzy Pippik, 2012
Dollinger, R. The Rabbi Who Flew, 2001
Edwards, M. A Hat for Mrs. Goldman:  A Story About Knitting and Love, 2016
Glaser, L. Hannah’s Way, 2012
Greene, J. Speak Up, Tommy!  2012
Heller, L. Castle on Hester Street, 2007
Hest, A. The Friday Nights of Nana, 2001
Hest, A. Fancy Aunt Jess, 1990
Hest, A. When Jessie Came Across the Sea, 1997
Hoestlandt, J. Star of Fear, Star of Hope, 1995
Hyde, H. Feivel’s Flying Horses, 2010
Kimmelman, L. The Shabbat Puppy, 2012
Kushner, L. In God’s Hands, 2005
Kushner, T. Brundibar, 2003
Lasky, K. Marven of the Great North Woods, 1997
Manushkin, F. How Mama Brought the Spring, 2008
Marshall, L. Talia and the Rude Vegetables, 2011
Marshall, L. The Mitzvah Magician, 2012
McGinty, A. Rabbi Benjamin’s Buttons, 2014
Meltzer, A. Mezuzah on the Door, 2007
Michelson, R. A is for Abraham:  A Jewish Family Alphabet, 2008
Newman, L. Ketzel, the Cat Who Composed, 2015
Newman, T. Shabbat Hiccups, 2016
Newman, T. Uncle Eli’s Wedding, 2016
Peet, A. Dear Santa, Love, Rachel Rosenstein, 2015
Pinkwater, D. Beautiful Yette:  The Yiddish Chicken, 2010
Polacco, P. The Butterfly, 2000
Polacco, P. The Keeping Quilt, 1988
Polacco, P. Chicken Sunday, 2002
Polacco, P. Mrs. Katz and Tush, 1992
Polacco, P. Someone for Mr. Sussman, 2008
Polacco, P. The Blessing Cup, 2013
Rael, E. What Zeesie Saw on Delancey Street, 1996
Ringgold, F. Bonjour, Lonnie, 1996
Rosner, J. The Mitten String, 2014
Schwartz, H. Gathering Sparks, 2010
Silverman, E. Gittel’s Hands, 1996
Skye, I. My Yiddish Vacation, 2014
Snyder, L. Baxter, Who Wanted to Be Kosher, 2010
Snyder, L. Good Night, Laila Tov, 2012
Stuchner, J. Can Hens Give Milk?  2011
Taback, S. Joseph Had a Little Overcoat, 1999
Waldman, D. Clever Rachel, 2009
Waldman, D. Room Enough for Daisy, 2011
Weber, E. The Yankee at the Seder, 2009
Weber, E. One Little Chicken, 2011
Yolen, J. Naming Liberty, 2008
Yolen, J. Stone Angel, 2015
Zemach, M. It Could Always Be Worse, 1976
Additional Jewish Picture Books can be found in Jewish Holiday Books
Additional Jewish Non-Fiction Books can be found in J 296.4