Bemelmans Madeline Books
Cole, B. Good Enough to Eat, 2007
Deans, K. Swing Sisters:  The Story of the International Sweethearts of Rhythm, 2015
Dunrea, O. The Tale of Hilda Louise, 1996
Jeram, A. All Together Now, 1999
Kirk, D. Little Miss Spider, 1999
Manna, A. The Orphan:  A Cinderella Story from Greece, 2011
Myers, A. Tumbleweed Baby, 2014
Prigger, M. Aunt Minnie McGranahan, 1999
Ringgold, F. Bonjour, Lonnie, 1996
Stanley, D. Raising Sweetness, 1999
Stanley, D. Saving Sweetness, 1996