Isop, L. How Do You Hug a Porcupine?  2011
Krensky, S. Pins & Needles, 2014
LaReau, K. Mr. Prickles:  A Quill-Fated Love Story, 2012
Rosenthal, B. Porcupines Picnic:  Who Eats What?  2017
Schmid, P. Hugs From Pearl, 2011
Spangler, B. The Grumpy Dump Truck, 2009
Stren, P. Hug Me, 2002
Underwood, D. A Balloon for Isabel, 2010
Wheeler, L. Hokey Pokey:  Another Prickly Love Story, 2010
Wheeler, L. Porcupining:  A Prickly Love Story, 2002
Wilson, K. Sweet Briar Goes to Camp, 2005
Additional children’s books about Porcupines can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J599.323)