Arends, D. Saving Bonehead:  The Ten-Foot Hammerhead Shark, 2009
Arnosky, J. Gobble It Up!  A Fun Song About Eating!  2008
Barrett, J. Never Take a Shark to the Dentist and Other Things Not To Do, 2008
Barton, C. Shark vs. Train, 2010
Clarke, J. Gilbert the Hero, 2011
Cox, P. Shark in the Park, 2006
Gill, T. Flip & Fin:  Super Sharks to the Rescue, 2016
Hale, B. Clark the Shark, 2013
Hale, B. Clark the Shark Dares to Share, 2014
Manley, C. Shawn Loves Sharks, 2017
Pallotta, J. Ocean Counting:  Odd Numbers, 2004
Pfister, M. Rainbow Fish to the Rescue!  1995
Shea, B. I’m a Shark, 2011
Wood, I. Sharks:  Learning SH Sound, 2002
Additional books about Sharks can be found in Juvenile Non-fiction (J 597.3)