Speech Help

Adams, C. On My Sled, Learning the SL Sound, 2002
Adams, C. Planes Go Places, Learning the PL Sound, 2002
Ballard, P. Chad Checks:  The Sound of CH, 2000
Ballard, P. Shoes:  The Sound of SH, 2000
Ballard, P. This and That:  The Sound of TH, 2000
Barnes, J. Chicks and Chickens, Learning the CH Sound, 2002
Battistoni, I. What a Whale!  Learning the WH Sound, 2002
Fenner, M. On My Block, Learning the BL Sound, 2002
Figorito, C. In the City, Learning the Soft C Sound, 2002
Hogenkamp, S. They Crawl!  Learning the CR Sound, 2002
Klingel, C. What Do I Bring?  The Sound of BR, 2003
Klingel, C. It Is Friday:  The Sound of FR, 2003
Klingel, C. On My Trip:  The Sound of TR, 2003
Klingel, C. Make Me Grin:  The Sound of GR, 2003
Klingel, C. Let’s Pretend:  The Sound of PR, 2003
Klingel, C. In the Crib:  The Sound of CR, 2003
Klingel, C. Dreams:  The Sound of DR, 2003
Leigh, A. It Grows in Spring, Learning the GR Sound, 2002
Leigh, A. Giant Giraffes, Learning the Soft G Sound, 2002
McConnell, S. What a Baker Makes, Learning the Long A Sound, 2002
McConnell, S. Let’s Bring Mom Breakfast, Learning the BR Sound, 2002
Moskal, G. I Like Winter, Learning the ER Sound, 2002
Noyed, R. What and Where:  The Sound of WH, 2000
O’Donnell, K. So Many Seeds, Learning the S Sound, 2002
Roza, G. On Flat Land, Learning the FL Sound, 2002
Santos, D. Friends, Learning the FR Sound, 2002
Santos, D. My New Glasses, Learning the GL Sound, 2002
Santos, D. I Can Draw, Learning the DR Sound, 2002
Sheffield, S. When Leaves Turn, Learning the UR Sound, 2002
Sheffield, S. A Train on the Track, Learning the TR Sound, 2002
Tanner, S. The Wild Wolf, Learning the W Sound, 2002
Thomas, M. Summer at the Beach, Learning the EA Sound, 2002
Vastola, P. Rain, Learning the AL Sound, 2002
Vastola, P. What I Think, Learning the TH Sound, 2002
Wood, I. Sharks, Learning the SH Sound, 2002