Underground Railroad

Cole, H. Unspoken, 2012
Edwards, P. Barefoot:  Escape on the Underground Railroad, 1997
Grifaconi, A. Ain’t Nobody a Stranger to me, 2007
Hegamin, T. Most Loved in All the World, 2009
Lawrence, J. Harriet and the Promised Land, 1968
Levine, E. Henry’s Freedom Box:  A True Story From the Underground Railroad, 2007
Nelson, V. Almost to Freedom, 2003
Raven, M. Night Boat to Freedom, 2006
Vaughan, M. The Secret to Freedom, 2001
Walker, S. Freedom Song!  The Story of Henry “Box” Brown, 2012
Weatherford, C. Moses:  When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom, 2006
Additional books about the Underground Railroad can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 973’s)