Tall Tales Review

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Tall Tales

This is a review of the folk tales many of us grew up with.  See what you can do by memory, but feel free to consult the "tales" section of the library - 398.2 by Dewey decimal number.  Score 100% correct on the quiz and you'll be given a secret code to use within Beanstack to indicate completion of this challenge.

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Paul Bunyan's ox was named:

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Davy Crockett's epithet was:

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Johnny Appleseed's real name was:

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How many thieves did Ali Baba meet?

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John Henry is famous for:

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Folklore says:  George Washington claimed he chopped down what kind of tree?

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The Three Billy Goats Gruff fought:

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Tommyknockers are said to be found in:

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The townspeople of Hamelin hired the Pied Piper to:

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The moral of Stone Soup is to show:

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