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Arnold, T. More Parts, 2001
Arnold, T. Even More Parts, 2004
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Bauer, M. Thank You For Me!  2010
Bennett, A. The Butt Book, 2010
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Cole, J. When You Were Inside Mommy, 2001
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DeGezelle, T. Taking Care of My Eyes, 2006
DeGezelle, T. Taking Care of My Hair, 2006
DeGezelle, T. Taking Care of My Teeth, 2006
DeGezelle, T. Taking Care of My Hands and Feet, 2006
DeGezelle, T. Taking Care of My Skin, 2006
Emberly, E. Go Away Big Green Monster, 1992
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Hallidayy, A. Always Lots of Heinies at the Zoo, 2009
Henderson, K. Look at You!  A Baby Body Book, 2006
Hendra, S. Barry the Fish with Fingers, 2010
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Perl, E. Chicken Butt!  2009
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Rowe, J. Whose Feet?  1998
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Weeks, S. Happy Birthday Frankie, 1999
Additional Juvenile books about Anatomy can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 612)
Juvenile books about human sexuality and where babies come from can be found in
            Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 612.6)