Davis, C. For Every Dog, an Angel, 2004
Davis, C. For Every Cat, an Angel, 2004
DePaola, T. Pascual and the Kitchen Angels, 2004
DePaola, T. Angels, Angels Everywhere, 2005
Durango, J. Angels Watching Over Me, 2007
Kleven, E. The Frienship Wish, 2011
Lester, J. What a Truly Cool World, 1999
McGee, M. While Angels Watch, 2006
Pilkey, D. God Bless the Gargoyles, 1996
Ragz, M. Lost Little Angel, 1999
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Rylant, C. Dog Heaven, 1997
Spinelli, E. What Do Angels Wear?  2003
Spinelli, E. City Angel, 2005
Tazewell, C. The Littlest Angel, 1974
Additional books about Angels can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 291.215) and in the Holiday
          Christmas Section