Bible Stories

Barner, B. To Everything, 1998
Bartoletti, s. Naamah and the Ark at Night, 2011
Brett, J. On Noah’s Ark, 2003
Carlson, M. The Lost Lamb, 1999
Carlson, M. The Other Brother, 1999
Daly, J. To Everything There is a Season, 2006
Dubuc, M. The Animals’ Ark, 2016
Halperin, W. Love Is, 2000
Hoffman, M. Wonders Jesus Worked, 2001
Jonas, A. Aardvarks, Disembark!  1990
Lindbergh, R. On Morning Wings, 2002
McCarthy, M. The Story of Daniel in the Lions’ Den, 2003
McDermott, G. Creation, 2003
Molchadsky, Y. The Chameleon That Saved Noah’s Ark, 2015
Pinkney, J. Noah’s Ark, 2002
Ray, J. Let There Be Light, 1997
Rylant, C. Creation, 2016
Seeger, P. Turn!  Turn!  Turn!  Words From Ecclesiastes in 262 B.C.  2003
Spier, P. Noah’s Ark, 1977
Spinelli, E. Jonah’s Whale, 2012
Spinelli, E. Nora’s Ark, 2012
Tutu, D. Let There Be Light, 2013
Wilson, A. Noah’s Ark, 2002
Wilson, K. Give Thanks to the Lord, 2007
Additional Bible Stories can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 220’s)