Ander Me and My Bike, 2008
Aylesworth, J. My Sister’s Rusy Bike, 1996
Barton, B. My Bike, 2015
Beardshaw, R. Grandpa’s Surprise, 2004
Berenstain, S. The Berenstain Bears and the Green-Eyed Monster, 1994
Berry, L. Ducking for Apples, 2010
Best, C. Sally jean, the Bicycle Queen, 2006
Boelts, M. A Bike Like Sergio’s, 2016
Bourgeois, P. Franklin Rides a Bike, 1997
Braver, V. Madison and the Two Wheeler, 2007
Brown, M. D.W. Rides Again!  1993
Burleigh, R. Messenger Messenger, 2000
Cline-Ransome, L. Major Taylor, Champoin Cyclist, 2004
Crews, D. Bicycle Race, 1985
Cutler, J. Guttersnipe, 2009
Davies, M. Ben Rides On, 2013
Elya, S. Adios, Tricycle, 2009
Eriksson, E. A Crash Course For Molly, 2005
Gerstein, M. How to Bicycle to the Moon to Plant Sunflowers, 2013
Harder, D. Colliding With Chris, 1997
Heine, H. Friends Go Adventuring, 1995
Heyman, A. Gretchen:  The Bicycle Dog, 2003
Hillenbrand, W. Off We Go!  A Bear and Mole Story, 2013
Janni, R. Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse, 2010
Johnson, T. Three Little Bikers, 1994
Landstrom, O. Will Goes to the Beach, 1995
Lindeen, C. Let’s Ride a Bike, 2006
London, J. Froggy Rides a Bike, 2006
London, J. Let’s Go Froggy!  1994
Margolin, H. Goin’ to Boston:  An Exhuberant Journey in Song, 2002
Mattern, J. Staying Safe on My Bike, 2007
Olaleye, I. Bikes For Rent!  2001
Proimos, J. The Best Bike Ride Ever, 2012
Ransome, J. New Red Bike!  2011
Raschka, C. Everyone Can Learn To Ride a Bicycle, 2013
Rey, H. Curious George Rides a Bike, 1973
Rosenberry, V. Vera Rides a Bike, 2004
Shannon, D. Duck on a Bike, 2002
Silverman, E. Mrs. Peachtree’s Bicycle, 1996
Spinelli, E. A Big Boy Now, 2012
Tessler, M. Yuki’s Ride Home, 2008
Viva, F. Along a Long Road, 2011
Additional children’s books about Bicycles can be found in Juvenile Non-fiction (J 629.227
          and J 796.6)