Ada, A. I Love Saturdays y Domingos, 2002
Adderson, C. Norman, Speak!  2014
Asch, F. Here Comes the Cat!  2011
Barner, B. The Day of the Dead:  El Dia de los Muertos, 2010
Beinstein, P. Dora, 2003
Bertrand, D. We Are Cousins:  Somos Primos, 2007
Brown, M. Pele King of Soccer:  El Rey Del Futbol, 2009
Brown, M. Marisol McDonald and the Monster, 2016
Brunhoff, L. Babar’s World Tour, 2005
Capucilli, A. My Mom and Me, 2009
Carle, E. Where Are You Going?  To See My Friend!  2003
Chocolate, D. El Barrio, 2009
Cox, J. Carmen Learns English, 2010
Cunnane, K. For You are a Kenyan Child, 2006
Diakite, P. I Lost My Tooth in Africa, 2006
Dominguez, A. Maria Had a Little Llama = Maria Tenia Una Llamita, 2013
Dominguez, A. How Do You Say?  Como se dice?  2016
Dorros, A. Papa and Me, 2008
Dorros, A. Mama and Me, 2011
Dorros, A. Abuelo, 2014
Ehlert, L. Cuckoo:  A Mexican Folktale, 1997
Ehlert, L. Moon Rope:  Un Lazo a la Luna, 1992
Elya, S. Bebe Goes Shopping, 2006
Elya, S. Eight Animals Bake a Cake, 2002
Elya, S. Eight Animals Play Ball, 2003
Elya, S. Fairy Trails, 2005
Elya, S. Oh No Gotta Go #2, 2007
Elya, S. Oh No Gotta Go, 2003
Elya, S. Tooth on the Loose, 2008
Elya, S. Bebe Goes to the Beach, 2008
Elya, S. Adios, Tricycle, 2009
Elya, S. No More, Por Favor, 2010
Elya, S. Rubia and the Three Osos, 2010
Elya, S. Fire!  Fuego!  Brave Bomberos, 2012
Elya, S. La Madre Goose, 2016
Evans, L. Can You Greet the Whole Wide World?  2006
Feelings, M. Jambo Means Hello:  Swahili Alphabet Book, 1981
Fillion, S. Pizza in Pienza, 2013
Gershator, P. Zoo Day Ole!  A Counting Book, 2009
Gonzalez, E. Rosita y Conchita:  A Rhyming Storybook in English & Spanish, 2010
Gonzalez, L. The Storyteller’s Candle:  La Velira de los Cuentos, 2008
Gonzalez, M. Call Me Tree:  Llamame Arbol, 2014
Guy, G. Siesta, 2005
Guy, G. Perros! Perros! Dogs! Dogs! 2006
Herrera, J. The Upside Down Boy:  El nino de cabeza, 2000
Highway, T. Fox on the Ice:  Maageesees Maskwameek Kaapit, 2011
Hoena, B. Una Visita a la Biblioteca:  A Visit to the Library, 2008
Hoshino, F. Sora and the Cloud, 2011
Isadora, R. Say Hello!  2010
King, D. I See the Sun in Afghanistan, 2011
Lujan, J. Colors!  Colores!  2008
McDonnell, C. Goyangi Means Cat, 2011
Mora, P. Let’s Eat!  A Comer!  2008
Mora, P. Here, Kitty, Kitty!  Iven, gatita, ven!  2008
Mora, P. Book Fiesta!  2009
Mora, P. Gracias Thanks, 2009
Mora, P. Wiggling Pockets = Los Bolsillos Saltarines, 2009
Mora, P. Sweet Dreams = Dulces Suenos, 2008
Mora, P. Bravo, Chico Canta!  Bravo!  2014
Morales, Y. Just in Case:  A Trickster Tale and Spanish Alphabet Book, 2008
Mycek-Wodecki, A. Minutka:  The Bilingual Dog and Friends, 2009
Niemann, C. The Pet Dragon, 2008
O’Connor, J. Fancy Nancy Bonjour Butterfly, 2008
Padmanabhan, M. I Am Different!  2011
Paschkis, J. Flutter & Hum: Animal Poems, 2015
Paul, A. Count On Culebra:  Go From 1 to 10 in Spanish, 2008
Paul, A. Tortuga In Trouble, 2009
Perez, A. Nana’s Big Surprise:  Nana, iQue Sorpresa!  2007
Perry, M. Daniel’s Ride/El Paseo de Daniel, 2006
Petelinsek, K. Opposites, 2006
Pinkwater, D. Beautiful Yetta:  The Yiddish Chicken, 2010
Ramos, J. I’m Just Like My Mom:  Me Parezco Tanto a Mi Mama, 2008
Reiser, L. My Way:  A Mi Manera, 2007
Reiser, L. Tortillas and Lullabies:  Tortillas y Cancioncitas, 1998
Risk, M. What’s For Supper? Qu’est-ce Qu’on Mange Ce Soir? 1998
Russo, M. Peter is Just a Baby, 2012
Saenz, B. A Perfect Season for Dreaming:  Un Tempo Perfecto Para Sonar, 2008
Scarry, R. Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever, 2004
Scarry, R. Richard Scarry’s Best Counting Book Ever, 2004
Schumacher, B. What Color is It?  De Que Color Es?  2003
Schumacher, B. Body Parts:  Las Partes Del Cuerpo, 2005
Schumacher, B. Count on Me!  Icuenta Conmigo!  2005
Sellier, M. Legend of the Chinese Dragon, 2006
Shahan, S. Cool Cats Counting, 2005
Shin, S. Cooper’s Lesson, 2004
Skye, I. My Yiddish Vacation, 2014
Smith, L. The Goodnight Book, 2014
Soto, G. My Little Car = Mi carrito, 2006
Vamos, S. Before You Were Here, Mi Amor, 2009
Vamos, S. The Cazuela That the Farm Maiden Stirred, 2011
Walker, R. Mama Says:  A Book of Love for Mothers and Sons, 2009
Warburton, T. 1000 Times No, 2009
Weeks, S. Counting Ovejas, 2006
Weill, C. ABeCedarios, 2007
Wells, R. Only You = Solo Tu, 2004
Additional Foreign Language Books can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 420’s – J 490’s)