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Berenstain, S. The Berenstain Bears Go to Sunday School, 2008
Berenstain, S. The Berenstain Bears God Loves You!  2008
Bergren, L. God Found Us You, 2009
Bergren, L. How Big is God?  2008
Biden, J. Don’t Forget, God Bless our Troops, 2012
Bogart, J. The White Cat and the Monk, 2016
Bolden, T. Beautiful Moon:  A Child’s Prayer, 2014
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Bryan, A. All Things Bright and Beautiful, 2010
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Carlson, M. The Lost Lamb, 1999
Carlson, M. Farmer Brown’s Field Trip, 2000
Carlson, M. The Other Brother, 1999
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Davis, C. For Every Dog, An Angel, 2004
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dePaola, T. Pascual and the Kitchen Angels, 2004
dePaola, T. Angels, Angels Everywhere, 2006
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Jonas, A. Aardvarks, Disembark!  1990
Keller, L. Today Is the Birthday of the World, 2009
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Lucado, M. Hermie: A Common Caterpiller, 2003
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Rylant, C. Dog Heaven, 1995
Rylant, C. Creation, 2016
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van Ommen, S. Jellybeans, 2004
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Warwick, D. Say a Little Prayer, 2008
Weatherford, A. Moses:  When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom, 2006
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What What a Wonderful World, 1992
Wilson, K. Give Thanks to the Lord, 2007
Wood, D. Making the World, 1998
Yoon, S. County My Blessings, One Through Ten, 2006
Ziefert, H. First He Made the Sun, 2000
Additional Picture Books about Faith can be found in the Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas
         and Jewish Holiday Books
Additional books about Faith can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction  (J 220 to J 299)