Fall and Autumn

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Beaumont, K. Move Over, Rover!  2006
Benet, R. Johnny Appleseed, 2001
Birdsall, J. Flora’s Very Windy Day, 2010
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Brown, M. Arthur Jumps Into Fall, 2006
Bullard, L. Leaves Fall Down:  Learning About Autumn Leaves, 2011
Bunting, E. Pumpkin Fair, 1997
Chernesky, F. Pick a Circle, Gather Squares:  A Fall Harvest of Shapes, 2013
Chernesky, F. From Apple Trees to Cider, Please!  2015
Cox, J. Pick a Pumpkin, Mrs. Millie!  2009
Curato, M. Little Elliot Fall Friends, 2017
Davis, L. Catch That Hat!  1997
Davis, R. Footballs and Falling Leaves:  A Fall Counting Book, 2006
de Paola, T. Four Friends in Autumn, 2004
de Paola, T. Strega Nona’s Harvest, 2009
Detlefsen, L. Time for Cranberries, 2015
Diesen, D. Hello, Fall, 2018
Ehlert, L. Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf, 1991
Emmett, J. The Best Gift of All, 2008
Ferguson, S. Little Red’s Autumn Adventure, 2009
Flatt, L. Counting on Fall, 2012
Freeman, D. One More Acorn, 2010
George. L. That Pup!  2011
Gleisner, J. Animals in Fall, 2017
Gleisner, J. Apple Harvest, 2017
Gleisner, J. Back to School!  2017
Gleisner, J. Trees in Fall, 2017
Gleisner, J. A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch, 2017
Gleisner, J. Weather in Fall, 2014
Goldstone, B. Awesome Autumn, 2012
Hall, M. Wonderfall, 2016
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Hall, Z. The Apple Pie Tree, 1996
Hall, Z. It’s Pumpkin Time!  1994
Harper, L. Turkey Trouble, 2009
Hawk, F. Count Down to Fall, 2009
Henkes, K. In the Middle of Fall, 2017
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Holub, J. Pumpkin Countdown, 2012
Hunter, A. Possum’s Harvest Moon, 1996
Jackson, R. A Kiss for Akaraka, 2018
Johnston, T. Winter Is Coming, 2014
Lin, G. Thanking the Moon:  Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, 2010
Lindeen, M. I Eat Apples in the Fall, 2017
Lindeen, M. I Watch Fall Harvests, 2017
Lindeen, M. I Pick Fall Pumpkins, 2017
Lowry, L. Crow Call, 2009
Matula, C. The Shadow in the Moon:  A Tale of the Mid-Autumn Festival, 2018
McCarty, P. Fall Ball, 2013
McNamara, M. How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?  2007
Meadows, M. Hibernation Station, 2010
Micklos, J. One Leaf, Two Leaves, Count with Me!  2017
Miller, P. Sophie’s Squash, 2013
Miltenburg, S. When Will Fall Arrive?  2017
Minor, E. How Big Could Your Pumpkin Grow?  2013
Mortimer, A. Pumpkin Cat, 2011
Moulton, M. The Very Best Pumpkin, 2010
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Nidey, K. When Autumn Falls, 2004
O’Brien, A. Hocus Pocus, It’s Fall!  2016
O’Malley, K. Lucky Leaf, 2004
Pak, K. Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn, 2016
Pak, K. Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter, 2017
Parish, H. Amelia Bedelia’s First Apple Pie, 2010
Partridge, E. Moon Glowing, 2002
Pfeffer, W. We Gather Together:  Celebrating the Harvest Season, 2006
Plourde, L. Bella’s Fall Coat, 2016
Purmell, A. Maple Syrup Season, 2008
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Robbins, K. Pumpkins, 2006
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Rylant, C. In November, 2000
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Schuh, M. Animals in Fall, 2014
Schuh, M. Harvest in Fall, 2014
Schuh, M. Leaves in Fall, 2014
Schuh, M. Pumpkins in Fall, 2014
Schuh, M. Weather in Fall, 2014
Schuh, M. Apples in Fall, 2014
Schuh, M. I Notice Animals in the Fall, 2017
Schuh, M. I See Fall Leaves, 2017
Schuh, M. I Feel Fall Weather, 2017
Shore, D. Look Both Ways:  A Cautionary Tale, 2005
Sloat, T. Patty’s Pumpkin Patch, 1999
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Spinelli, E. I Know It’s Autumn, 2004
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Wilson, K. Who Goes There?  2013
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Wright, M. Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze, 2011
Yee, W. My Autumn Book, 2015
Yolen, J. Little Frog and the Scary Autumn Thing, 2016
Yoon, S. Penguin and Pumpkin, 2014
Ziefert, H. By the Light of the Harvest Moon, 2009
Additional Autumn books can be found in the Holiday Books for Halloween and Thanksgiving